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Like it or not, the holiday season is pretty much here. Of course, you know you’re going to have to buy gifts for friends and family, but you’ll also probably be faced with cards, White Elephant exchanges and more…and that’s where Foursided Chicago comes in.

Foursided is a custom framing shop that also features art, greeting cards and home decor, with three locations in Chicago: two in Lakeview and one in Andersonville. And, every Christmas, it transforms into a holiday wonderland, featuring cards, ornaments, and tons of unique local gifts. Think all the coolest stuff available on Etsy, but in a real-life store.

I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of both Lakeview locations, so they’ve become my go-to for greeting cards and gifts. I just picked up holiday cards from there to send this year, and am fully planning on going back for friend and co-worker gifts, too. You can see a selection of their products and art prints online, but definitely check out the store if you can — the location on Clark Street is full of fun discoveries in every nook and cranny, and the holiday window displays are especially worth a visit this time of year!

Here are ten of my favorite products and gift picks available at Foursided Chicago’s online shop…but seriously, go check them out in person if you can. The employees are super nice, the space is super cute, and it’s kind of like Target in that you will spend more than you intended to, but you’ll be supporting a local business so it’s okay!



Happy, happy (almost) weekend! It’s been a roller coaster of a couple weeks, huh? Last week, of course, the Cubs won the World Series, which was completely exciting and exhilarating but also exhausting. Then the election happened, which is something I am still wrapping my head around, and immediately after I jetted off to New York City…for the first time. Yes, the first time!

Side note: I’d say a solid 85% percent of the conversations I overheard in New York, and practically everywhere this week, were about the election. Although I did hear a girl say something about meeting all these fashion photographers at the Heidi Klum party as I was leaving my hotel one day, which was another kind of interesting.

Speaking of New York, I was only there two days, and as you can probably imagine, it completely whetted my appetite to go back. And soon. I’m hoping to write some New York themed posts in the near future, from what to pack to where to stay to places to go.

In the meantime, I’m writing this on a plane back to Chicago and catching up on all the various blogs and internet things I haven’t had time for this week:

Burberry has released their holiday campaign video and honestly I’d like it to be made into a feature film because I’d very much watch it.

A peek at what the Coveteur editors are wearing home for the holidays. Tis the season of chunky oversized knits!

I want everything in the Wit & Delight x Domino collection, please. But especially that rose gold bed and feminist book.

Love the mix of artwork in this TV gallery wall.

Can you believe we’re nearly halfway through November? It’s perfect grilled cheese + tomato soup weather… aka one of the few things I can actually cook.

And finally, eight female CEOs share some seriously inspiring advice for feeling healthy and finding balance…whatever that means in your life.

Image: Glitter Guide

Today was supposed to be a fun packing post about what I brought to my super quick work trip to New York, but to be frank, I got completely distracted by what was one of the least predictable presidential elections…probably ever? I have thoughts, but as I type this, they haven’t called it yet, so I honestly don’t even know what to say or where to begin. So apologies — it took me way longer to pack than I anticipated, let alone put together a post about what I packed.

But! Moral of the story: I’m going to New York City! And, if you can believe it, it will actually be my first time there!

I am staying in the Ace Hotel right in Midtown and hoping to explore as much as I possibly can in the few hours of free time I’ll have. I’ve been to Los Angeles, but New York is a city of such overwhelming possibility…I honestly don’t know where to start. Do I do touristy things like Bergdorf’s and Tiffany’s and Central Park and the Met Steps, or wander down to SoHo for fancy shopping and Cha Cha Matcha?

Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments! I’ll only be there a couple days, but want to soak up as much of New York City as I possibly can. (And hopefully I’ll actually share that packing post sooner rather than later.)

Image: Urban Outfitters

Why are favorites videos so fun? It’s like “what’s in my bag videos”… I am always so curious to know what products my favorite bloggers and vloggers are loving lately. SO, I thought I would do my own this month!

BONUS NOVEMBER FAVORITE: THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES AND ALL OF CHICAGO WENT CRAZY! I watched the game with some friends at a bar and then we went to Wrigleyville to soak it all in. Literally. I was covered in champagne and beer, basically. I am so sleep deprived, you guys, but it is so worth it to experience this historic moment.

Okay but seriously, here’s what I’ve been super loving this month:


“Brunch so hard,” “but first, brunch”…. people really, really love their brunch. And just because it’s cooling down and you can’t indulge in mimosas and Bloody Marys outside at noon on a Sunday doesn’t mean you have to give up on this time-honored weekend tradition altogether. Au contraire, bring those mimosas and Bloody Marys inside, or consider cozying up with a coffee cocktail to go with your pancakes instead. Here are five great Chicago brunch options that are perfect for fall (or any time of year, really):