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Why are favorites videos so fun? It’s like “what’s in my bag videos”… I am always so curious to know what products my favorite bloggers and vloggers are loving lately. SO, I thought I would do my own this month!

BONUS NOVEMBER FAVORITE: THE CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES AND ALL OF CHICAGO WENT CRAZY! I watched the game with some friends at a bar and then we went to Wrigleyville to soak it all in. Literally. I was covered in champagne and beer, basically. I am so sleep deprived, you guys, but it is so worth it to experience this historic moment.

Okay but seriously, here’s what I’ve been super loving this month:


October is almost over, which means we’re solidly into fall now. Yet I still somehow can’t remember how to layer and dress for the season and struggle in my closet every single morning. Luckily, Pinterest is chock full of fall outfit ideas and inspiration to keep you chic — and warm — all season. Here are three of my favorite blogger looks perfect for fall dressing. And, bonus, re-create the outfits yourself with similar picks under $150!


Do you guys follow Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior? Because if not, you need to get on it ASAP. She’s the ultimate lifestyle blogger, with a site that seamlessly blends style, beauty, home decor and travel, plus a love for black and neutrals that speaks to my soul.

Originally from a cotton farm in Texas, Jacey moved to Chicago after high school to attend DePaul University. She started her journalism career here before moving to Los Angeles, and launched Damsel in Dior as a hobby in 2009. Now, her site is a source of endless inspiration — I particularly love her “Home Sweet Damsel” video series that offers a peek into her space.

Her outfits, of course, are always on point. (I mean, have you seen her closet?!) Jacey knows her way around a good neutral, but she’s not afraid of embellishment and incorporating trends that work for her, either. Case in point: her elevated Paris Fashion Week looks. Still, my favorite outfits tend to be her simpler ones, ones that make me feel like, “hey, I could pull that off too!”

Check out more of my favorite Damsel in Dior outfits below, and my Jacey-inspired affordable shopping picks to get the look yourself!


We’ve already covered cool girl hair, but maybe you want to be cool in multiple areas of your life…even areas where you might actually be really hot and sweaty. Case in point: the gym and your exercise routine.

Yeah, sure, we might all be tempted to hibernate and give up on fitness as the weather cools down, but when you’ve got workout gear that’s this fashionable, it’s motivation enough to get your booty to class/the gym/a YouTube workout in your apartment/whatever the case may be. If you’re anything like me, you carefully consider your personal style in other aspects of your life, so why should workout clothes be any different? Here are my top picks for stylish workout clothes for the fall and winter season — they’ll keep you warm on the way to the studio and cool during your workout. And looking cool the whole time, of course.

Scroll through the best stylish workout clothes for fall below, from tanks perfect for layering to quality outerwear and jackets that are worth a splurge:

Can you tell I’m super into neturals when it comes to my workout wardrobe, too? The key to getting dressed for your workout in chillier months is really layering. Try a classic like Lululemon’s define jacket over your tee or tank and under your winter coat, and wear soft and stylish joggers over your leggings (I love the stirrup trend, by the way!) en route to the studio or gym.

Though of course, not everything has to be splurge-worthy. Snag your tanks and even sports bras from shops like H&M and Forever 21… they can be just as stylish as Lululemon and Alo Yoga without the major price tag. A high-low philosophy totally applies to stylish workout clothes, too, and it’s possible to look expensive and chic at the gym without spending a ton of money.

Image: Well + Good

Look, I am really good at spending money. Like, should probably put it on my resume level good. I keep toying with the idea of “no spend” weeks or even months, to which my mom is probably saying DO IT and my friends say “NO THAT SOUNDS AWFUL.”

So because straight “no spend” sounds too extreme, I have decided to spend less instead. And I am not on an Acne/Alexander Wang budget by any means. Heck, I am barely on a Madewell budget….why do you think my Instagram bio says “Champagne taste on a tap water budget”?

In my efforts to look good without going broke, I’ve picked up a few tricks to shopping at places like Forever 21, H&M and Target without making it so super obvious that I shop at places like Forever 21, H&M and Target. Here’s how to be stylish on a budget and what to watch out for at fast-fashion stores: