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8 Nail Polish Colors to Wear All Year Long

I recently read an article about the best nail polish colors to transition from summer to fall, and it got me thinking: who says colors have to be so seasonally-limited? Sure, neons might seem more summer appropriate while darks belong in winter, but I’ve been known to wear my favorite shades (ahem, Lincoln Park After Dark) all year round.

There are certain colors that are timeless and work across seasons, from the most classic of reds to more modern takes, like pastels and metallics. Below, eight nail polish colors you can wear whenever you damn well feel like it:

(clockwise from top left)

  1. Essie Penny Talk: Metallics are here to stay, and Essie’s versions are some of the best. As a fan of rose gold and coppery tones, I’m partial to Penny Talk, but any metallic shade by Essie is a winner.
  2. Deborah Lippmann Naked: I mean, it’s right in the name – this is the perfect nude polish and apparently works with almost all skin tones. At $18, it’s one of the pricer polishes on this list, but a good nude is worth the splurge.
  3. Essie Ballet Slippers: This polish is perfect for more conservative job interviews or meet-the-parents situations, thanks to its neutral base with a whisper of sweet pink.
  4. Revlon Red: On the other end of the price spectrum, we’ve got this $5 beauty. It’s been around since the 1930s, so clearly they did something right.
  5. Essie Chinchilly: Traditionally thought of as a more “fall” color, this gorgeous grey adds a touch of luxe to whatever you’re wearing, whenever you’re wearing it.
  6. Butter London Molly Coddled: Or the pastel polish of your choice. Easter-y shades, particularly lilacs and lavenders, can brighten up an outfit even in fall and winter.
  7. Essie Midnight Cami: Navy is a new neutral, and like Lincoln Park After Dark (below), this inky color can work all year round. If it seems too dramatic for the summer, dark polishes are perfect for pedicures too.
  8. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: I will be buried in this nail polish. My life utterly changed in 2005 when OPI introduced the Chicago collection, and Lincoln Park After Dark has been a constant in my life since then. It’s the perfect deep purple and goes with everything, ever, anytime.