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Welcome back to “Obsessed,” a series sharing recent discoveries and interesting things from across the internet, like stuff you should know, trending articles, products I don’t know how I lived without, and more! And since I tend to overuse the term “obsessed,” this should be a fairly frequent column.

And, of course, please let me know what you’re digging lately in the comments! It’s all about sharing the latest finds and cool stuff with each other, and I know I’m certainly not the be-all-end-all of what’s trending (as much as I might like to pretend otherwise).

ONE. One of my January intentions (aka non-resolutions) is to de-clutter my bedroom and clean and organize my closet, and I will definitely be following Chriselle Lim’s tips while doing so. (Hopefully this weekend…)

TWO. Since I’ve started this blog, my interest in wellness has definitely grown, and I am not alone. It seems like the larger wellness “trend” is here to stay, but it’s growing and evolving every year with different aspects. because im addicted has a great list of wellness trend predictions for 2018, and I personally am very into exploring breathwork, manifesting, clean beauty and more this year.

THREE. Are you setting goals and intentions for 2018? Whether you’re taking it month-by-month (the approach I am trying) or looking at the bigger picture, we could all use some help determining our resolutions. Glitter Guide has four simple but powerful tips to set goals and make 2018 your best year yet.

FOUR. Speaking of goals and resolutions, one of mine is to develop more of a weekly routine to help me feel balanced and less like “omg I have so much to do” all the time. I like the weekly routine proposed by Career Girl Daily and am considering using it as a starting point for my own!

FIVE. Alternatively, if your resolution is to master a killer #shelfie, Man Repeller has some great ideas.

Feature Image: The Chriselle Factor

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