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I take playlisting pretty seriously, and the holiday season is no exception. Granted, I could probably just put the Bruce Springsteen version of “Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town” and Trans Siberian Orchestra’s “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” on repeat for 12 hours and really get into the holiday spirit. But, uh, that wouldn’t make for a very shareable playlist, now would it?

So, in the spirit of the season, I’ve compiled two playlists: a “short” one of my holiday favorites, and a longer, extended playlist perfect for soundtracking holiday parties or long trips home. I put “short” in quotes because it’s still 21 songs and over an hour long, and that’s without including Trans Siberian Orchestra goodness multiple times.

Before you dive into either playlist, though, I highly suggest giving the below Foo Fighters medley a listen. They combined an acoustic version of “Everlong” with “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and “Linus and Lucy” and I am very much into it. I would also like a downloadable and/or Spotify version made available, please and thank you:

And now, onto the playlists…

I should note that my holiday favorites aren’t the most traditional. Unless you count “All I Want For Christmas Is You” as traditional (which I do). Anyway, this playlist starts with my version of traditional Christmas songs before veering off into 2000s indie bands’ idea of holiday music, some Kanye West and Ramones, and finally concluding with the best/weirdest Christmas song ever about an Italian Christmas donkey. It’s a fun ride:

This playlist is a little bit longer and has more classics and old-school holiday tunes on it. It’s what I’ll be spinning at a gift exchange I’m hosting for my friends this week!

Shop Christmas listening faves below, and let me know what your top holiday songs are in the comments!

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