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Hello! It’s gift guide week on A Little Leopard! All week I’m sharing my hand-selected gift picks in curated categories. Check them all out in the holiday guide. 

I actually really love giving people presents… gifts are my “love language,” if you will. But, let’s be real, getting presents is equally as great. Especially when they’re fun things that you want, but wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. This year, I’ve got my eye on a whole bunch of stuff, from bags to beauty and including a cashmere sweater that says “babe.”

  1. How amazing are these prints combining song lyrics and fine art?? There are so many great options, from Drake to David Bowie (and LCD Soundsystem, and Arcade Fire, and Bruce Springsteen…). Seriously, they’re all amazing. And if you don’t see one you like or have a specific lyric in mind, you can also do a custom order.
  2. I discovered 360Cashmere on Instagram and love their cool-girl designs. Think lots of skulls and sweaters that say things like “Babe” and “Love You So Matcha.”
  3. Is a phone case that lights up in order to give you better selfie and photography lighting annoying? Yes, probably. Do I want one in black marble? Yes, definitely.
  4. I’m perpetually on the lookout for a great tote that can actually carry it all, and this Pop & Suki option looks promising. I think the blush is super chic and trendy, but let’s be real: I’d actually want the black tote.
  5. I already have a yoga mat bag, so I don’t exactly need one, but how sophisticated is this quilted version from MZ Wallace?
  6. NCLA teamed up with blogger Sivan Ayla on a set of perfect, neutral everyday polishes with fun names like “Valley Girl” and “Rosé for Breakfast.” Bonus: they’re vegan, cruelty-free and five-free.
  7. Things I love: marble, my CalPak suitcase and packing cubes. Things I am sure I would also love if someone were to gift them to me: CalPak’s black marble packing cubes.
  8. I have too many coffee table books as it is, yes, but I saw the updated version of The Fashion Book in a shop the other day and it is gorgeous. Plus, it’s also a legitimately useful reference for anyone interested in fashion.
  9. I’ve been lusting after a pair of rose gold or blush APL sneakers for a while now, but I really love the “cinder rose” color that recently launched exclusively at Lululemon.
  10. Jewelry is usually a great gift idea…and in my book, jewelry with some sort of spiritual/astrological meaning is even better, like an evil eye or Libra ring.
  11. See #10. 🙂
  12.  I desperately need a new wallet but have been trouble finding one I actually like and would want to use every day…that is, until I saw that Mansur Gavriel is doing wallets now. I love the shade and half-moon shape of this one. (Madewell wallets also look pretty nice.)
  13. I love Gypsy Water and I love fancy candles. I’m really just going all-in on the Byredo on my wishlist this year.
  14. See #13. 🙂

Shop my wishlist picks below:

Feature image: The Lovely Drawer

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