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Welcome back to “Obsessed,” a series sharing recent discoveries and interesting things from across the internet, like stuff you should know, trending articles, products I don’t know how I lived without, and more! And since I tend to overuse the term “obsessed,” this should be a fairly frequent column.

And, of course, please let me know what you’re digging lately in the comments! It’s all about sharing the latest finds and cool stuff with each other, and I know I’m certainly not the be-all-end-all of what’s trending (as much as I might like to pretend otherwise).

ONE. Do you follow Julie Houts on Instagram? Well, you should, because according to Vogue she’s Instagram’s favorite illustrator. And she just came out with a collection of illustrated essays about a month ago called Literally Me that features things like “a journey to Coachella by the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.” Fashion friends would definitely appreciate it as a gift, too, and not just because Julie is a former womenswear designer at J.Crew (which makes so much sense tbh). Here’s an example of Julie’s work, currently available for sale on her website and actually, literally me sometimes:

TWO. Kk so I want to be good at podcasts because I feel like smart people listen to podcasts, but I just don’t keep up with them regularly. EXCEPT FOR That’s So Retrograde. I’m totally smitten with the TSR girls, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari, and kind of want to be them. It’s a ~wellness podcast~ that dives into everything from astrology to foam rolling to shamans and lots and lots of stuff in between. Anyway, this isn’t just about That’s So Retrograde, because I’ve mentioned it before, but an article on Well + Good (another Little Leopard Favorite) that Elizabeth and Steph contributed to: Is Self-Care Becoming Too Selfish? Super interesting read on a super trendy topic.

TWO AND A HALF. I’m so super into That’s So Retrograde I became a patron. They post fun exclusives like monthly meditations! And, not gonna lie, I’m super excited for my TSR sticker.

THREE. It’s the moooost wonderful time of the year: holiday movie time! Glitter Guide has a great list of 10 movies to get you in the holiday mood. All that matters is Love Actually is on it, which I consider one of the greatest holiday movies of all time. My roommate barely considers it a Christmas movie at all, but she is wrong.

FOUR. Speaking of the holidays, they’re kind of a crazy time of year, no? There’s a lot going on and it can get completely overwhelming. If you can’t make it to a meditation studio, try one of these four apps to help find your moment of zen.

FIVE. Got a spare $13,500 a month? That’s all it will cost for you to rent Bethenny Frankel’s SoHo apartment — or you could just buy it outright for just under $5 million. I mean, for a property with a shoe closet in Manhattan, that seems downright reasonable.

Feature Image: Well + Good

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