Tips and Inspiration for a Streamlined and Stylish Closet – Abigail Nora
Tips and Inspiration for a Streamlined and Stylish Closet – Abigail Nora

Tips and Inspiration for a Streamlined and Stylish Closet – Abigail Nora

 I dream of one day having a fully customized, blogger-worthy IKEA PAX closet… that someone else has built and assembled for me.

No, really, I am envious of IKEA closets! But a full PAX installation doesn’t make a lot of sense as a renter on a limited budget. Even if I move and can somehow take the whole thing with me, there’s no guarantee that what works in one apartment will work in another.

In the meantime, I am resolving to make my current situation as close to “closet envy” as possible. I currently have a standard reach-in small closet with bi-fold doors and one wire shelf. Luckily, it’s a pretty good size, and between my closet and dresser, I definitely have enough room to store everything. It’s just all kind of a hot, disorganized mess right now.

So, instead of a full IKEA PAX wardrobe makeover, I’m planning to get a couple of short BILLY Bookcases and these stackable shelves from Target to increase overall storage space and functionality. I’d also like to grab a few accessories to organize my handbags and all the other miscellaneous crap in my closet.

Basically, if my closet can look even remotely like any of the below photos, I’ll be happy. Here’s some serious closet inspiration, plus a few of my favorite small closet organization tips:

  1. Edit, edit, edit! It’s no use organizing items you don’t even want or need. Try the KonMari method to clean out your closet and be ruthless in your decision-making.
  2. Matching hangers make everything look one hundred times better. Velvet huggable hangers will save you space, too.
  3. Keep items accessible. If it’s too difficult to get to, chances are you won’t grab it. Store out-of-season clothes or other infrequently used items in those hard-to-reach areas.
  4. Categorize, color-code and find a system that works for you. I like to sort my clothes by type, so all my dresses are hanging together and sweaters all share one drawer. However, you might prefer to sort by function — for example, workout clothes, special occasion clothes, work outfits, etc. The goal is to create a small closet organization system that you will stick to!

Images via: Apartment Therapy, Camille Styles, Lark & LinenChriselle Lim, Stylizimo