Wednesday Wishlist: If Walls Could Talk – Abigail Nora
Wednesday Wishlist: If Walls Could Talk – Abigail Nora

Wednesday Wishlist: If Walls Could Talk – Abigail Nora

Image: My Domaine

I’m a sucker for a good piece of quote wall art. This fun My Domaine quiz even confirms it, in case my “Gallery Wall” Pinterest board and its multitude of typographic art prints wasn’t enough proof on its own. Your walls should make you smile, and words just happen to make me smile. Plus, if you go the inspirational (but not cheesy) route, you can even get a little boost of affirmation every time you look at that wall. I tend to be a fan of cheekier pieces, but a good old fashioned inspirational quote can be great too.

Image: Baron Von Fancy

In fact, if I could have any bit of cheeky quote wall art, it would be this Baron Von Fancy print, with which I am utterly obsessed. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition run and has been sold out for basically forever. But a) I blame everything on Mercury retrograde and b) I love a well placed curse word. This print would be great anywhere, but I’m thinking especially bedroom art.

Baron von Fancy a bit much for your taste? Here are a few more of my favorite quote wall art pieces – for example, I also love love love those Andy Warhol Moderna Museet posters that every blogger and her mother seems to have in her living room:

Image: Moderna Museet

Image: Secret Holiday & Co.

Image: Moodpaper

Image: Urban Outfitters

Image: Domino

{ This is a good life motto and would also be perfect in a kitchen }

Image: Urban Outfitters

Image: Minted

What do you think? Are you a fan of typography and quote wall art, or do you prefer more traditional imagery and photography?