Interior Crush: Nicolette Mason’s Los Angeles Home Tour – Abigail Nora
Interior Crush: Nicolette Mason’s Los Angeles Home Tour – Abigail Nora

Interior Crush: Nicolette Mason’s Los Angeles Home Tour – Abigail Nora

Style blogger Nicolette Mason moved to Los Angeles almost two years ago, but her weekend home makeover with Emily Henderson is as fresh today as it was back then. Her space, which she shares with wife Ali and dog Frankie, is definitely feminine, playful, and right at home in Hollywood. That wallpaper is giving me serious Beverly Hills Hotel vibes…which makes sense, since it was one of Nicolette and Emily’s inspirations. In fact, here’s the inspiration board Nicolette shared with Emily to kick off the design process:

I love the way that Emily was able to mix Nicolette’s glamorous, feminine aesthetic with an airy California vibe. By bringing in clean lines and carefully curating the styling, Emily has helped make the space feel interesting and a little maximalist without being too cluttered or dated. Or, as Emily put it, “The living room feels just so happy and it looks so pulled together. I think that if I had two goals for every single project it would be that – happy and ‘pulled together’.” Which is even more impressive when you consider that they managed to pull it all together in just one weekend!

What’s really great about this project is that Nicolette and Emily worked with Target to create the space…meaning a ton of this stuff is actually from there and affordable. So, if you fall in love with Nicolette Mason and her feminine, Hollywood style, you won’t have to break the bank to recreate it yourself. (Scroll all the way to the bottom for affordable picks from Target and more!)

This coffee table is just perfect for displaying a whole collection of coffee table books

Frankie the Pug approves.

Here’s a gif showing how it all came together:

Or you could watch Emily Henderson’s video documenting the project below (and see the rug that didn’t make the cut into the final space and a montage of Frankie the Pug trying on dresses):

Love the look? Shop Nicolette Mason-inspired and approved pieces below to get her Hollywood glam vibes in your own space:

Images: Refinery29, Nicolette Mason, Style by Emily Henderson and My Domaine