Watch: Closet Cleaning With Vogue and Marie Kondo – Abigail Nora
Watch: Closet Cleaning With Vogue and Marie Kondo – Abigail Nora

Watch: Closet Cleaning With Vogue and Marie Kondo – Abigail Nora

Image: Buzzfeed

I know, I know, Marie Kondo and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up have been around seemingly forever now. In fact, she just released a “sequel,” Spark Joy, which features the cutest how-to-fold-clothes illustrations I’ve ever seen. I ran out and bought both, of course. So when I see a Vogue and Marie Kondo combination, I pay attention.

Vogue editor Chloe Malle worked with the organizing guru herself to KonMari-Method her closet. Seriously: Fast Company called Marie Kondo “the Beyoncé of organizing.” Also, sidenote, what is the proper verb form of the KonMari Method? I’m not sure there is one, but whatever.

Also also, I’ve been saying Marie Kondo the wrong way this whole time, apparently.


  1. Chloe Malle has a really really nice apartment but, like, she’s a Vogue editor so that shouldn’t be surprising.
  2. Marie Kondo looks like she has no idea what to do with a Johnny Cash giving the finger t-shirt and might very well be wondering how the hell it could spark joy for anyone.
  3. Thank goodness that my complete, utter lack of understanding of economics will clearly never impact my ability to work in fashion, should I ever want to do so. Because me and Chloe are very much on the same page with that one.
  4. Chloe admits that the oragami underwear drawer thing was a bit much for her, but after my own successful KonMari closet cleanout, not gonna lie, that one’s still going strong for me.

Yep, I checked out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up from the library and KonMari-ed my closet in a weekend. I now own both books, and I swear to god, once I was done tidying my closet it somehow actually smelled better. Marie Kondo says you should tidy in one fell swoop, but I think as long as I do one tidying category at a time, that’s okay – she often talks of giving her clients multiple lessons. Now, I’m no Vogue editor (yet? a girl can dream, ha!), so the two books will have to do in lieu of a private session with KonMari. Hey, this weekend is a three day weekend, so maybe I can knock out another category or two.

Eventually, I hope to make my closet a little spark-joy sanctuary. I have a decently sized (huge for a studio actually) walk in, but the layout sucks and it’s got a horrible linoleum floor. So as much as my clothes themselves spark joy now, I want to give them a better home! I think the first step is huggable hangers, because my mismatched plastic collection isn’t doing anything for anyone. There’s a strong chance I’ll order the OG, HSN Joy Mangano ones sometime this week, actually. And no, it’s not just because J.Law played her in the biopic. Only slightly because of that.

Remember – no storing and organizing until you’re done tidying. But once you’re done, here are some of my favorite closet organizing pieces. Like the aforementioned huggable hangers: