A Few of My Favorites, Lately – Abigail Nora
A Few of My Favorites, Lately – Abigail Nora

A Few of My Favorites, Lately – Abigail Nora

The end of the week-slash-beginning of the month feels like a good time to share what I’m into lately, doesn’t it? Here’s a look at some current favorites… including what I’m reading, listening to, wearing, drinking and what’s on top of my wishlist!

Reading… You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

I loved the “regular edition” of You Are a Badass, and so far I’m digging Jen Sincero’s approach to financial advice. Yeah, it’s a little woo-woo, but isn’t all self-helpery?

Listening to… Harry Styles

Okay, so Harry Styles’ debut album is actually super listenable and kind of…great? The former One Directioner and noted Taylor Swift ex borrows from all my favorite genres on this album, from Oasis-style Britpop to Bowie and the Rolling Stones. Worth a listen. Or two. Or twelve.

Wearing… Grayton Automatic Watch

I love the classic look of this piece and it’s been finding its way into most of my OOTDs. Grayton is a brand that’s inspired by the history and heritage of automatic watches, but without the traditionally high price tag. It’s a true wardrobe staple — and if you want to snag your own, you can get 15% off with code Flcom-Grayton15%-ALittleLeopard.

Drinking… Lavender Lattes

Rosé and lavender lattes are the official beverages of spring and summer and I don’t care what anyone says. Check out my guide to the best lavender lattes in Chicago if you still haven’t hopped on board the lavender-in-beverages train. Trust me, they’re delicious.

Coveting… a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

One of my goals in life is to be the type of woman who uses a Louis as her work bag, weekend bag and gym bag. It’s a total big-ticket splurge, but it’s been at the top of my wishlist for awhile now. One day…. (And in the meantime, I think Rebecca Minkoff’s totes are a pretty chic substitute.)

Let me know what your recent faves are in the comments!