Where to Get Matcha in Chicago
Where to Get Matcha in Chicago

Where to Get Matcha in Chicago

Have you hopped on the matcha tea train yet? This buzzy green tea has nearly as much caffeine as coffee, it’s chock full of good-for-you antioxidants and it’s super refreshing and tasty to boot. Dedicated matcha bars and shops have already popped up in New York City, but never fear: you can still try this trend in the Windy City. Here’s where to get matcha in Chicago and get your green tea latte on:

Sawada Coffee

It is probably a good thing I don’t live or work super close to the West Loop, because I could easily spend all my money on Military Lattes from Sawada Coffee. These trendy drinks combine matcha, cocoa and espresso for a super-delicious take on the traditional matcha latte. Of course, the classic matcha option is available as well.


Swing by the coffee bar at Beatrix to try an iced matcha latte with almond milk for a refreshing, energizing treat. They also served a cinnamon maple matcha latte this past winter that sounds super intriguing — here’s hoping it returns when the weather cools down so I can give it a try!

Real Good Juice Co.

Real Good Juice Co. stocks ceremonial-grade matcha at all their locations, perfect for a traditional matcha latte. Prefer your matcha in a different form? You can also try it in a smoothie (I love the “Yello, You’ve Reached the Greensteins”) or in the Punky Juice-ster juice.

Other options to grab matcha in Chicago include Starbucks (it’s on every corner, but be aware that their matcha powder is pre-sweetened and has more sugar) and Protein Bar — I’m a huge fan of the avo-matcha smoothie blend for a pre-workout (or anytime!) snack.

Are you a matcha fan? Where’s your favorite spot to grab a green tea latte?

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