Brand love: Aritzia – Abigail Nora
Brand love: Aritzia – Abigail Nora

Brand love: Aritzia – Abigail Nora

Sometimes, people ask where I get certain items and I excitedly reply “Aritzia!” only to be met with blank stares. So, I am taking this opportunity to shout from the rooftops my love of this minimal, boho-chic Canadian boutique. Think an edgier, simpler Free People.

While I’ve definitely popped in to Aritizia for a last-minute party purchase (see: my St. Patrick’s Day top, which obviously I bought in green but is currently available in black or white), I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that – it’s not cheap. It’s not super pricey, either, but it’s much more in the line of basics and long-term pieces than fast fashion. Prices are in line with Madewell or Club Monaco; Fashionista cites sweaters as ranging from $60 to $175.

Every shop feels individual and personal, and even online the brand is expertly curated. Everything makes sense, even the third-party brands sold (Aritizia mostly sells its own brands – thirteen of them, currently!) I especially love their guide to festival dressing, broken down by personality type and with accompanying playlists.

Plus – and as a former retail worker, this is huge for me – I’ve always had fantastic service when I shop there. Aritzia has two Chicago-area stores and both are wonderful. My mom actually went into the Oakbrook location (pictured above!) to buy Christmas gifts for my sister, who is obsessed with Aritzia and introduced me to it in the first place. She started describing my sister to the salesgirl, who said, “Oh! Are you Emma’s mom?” Knowing your customer when she’s not even in the store? That’s amazing.

And of course, the clothes are just beautiful. Some of my current favorites?

These faux leather leggings – I’ve been lusting after a pair for forever. This slip dress is perfect for a night out to dress up, down, or wear alone. The perfect utility jacket.

Shop the rest of Aritzia’s lust-worthy clothes here – although I highly recommend checking out a store if there is one near you! (If only to check out the window displays…they’re pretty much Anthro-level, but with a different vibe.)

All images: Aritzia.