Merry + Bright – Abigail Nora
Merry + Bright – Abigail Nora

Merry + Bright – Abigail Nora

Well, I had initially planned to publish my first gift guide post of the season today, and I was super excited about it…but then I got home from work yesterday and basically died. I don’t know if it’s something going around, but I felt truly awful. Like crawl under the covers, someone else make me tea because I can’t handle even that right now awful.

Yes, I’m also a total baby about being sick. I’m hoping it will go away as quickly as it hit… that’s why taking care of yourself is so important, folks!

At any rate, that means the gift guide is postponed, because I want to put the finishing touches on it when I am feeling 100% — don’t want any weird graphics or descriptions written in an achy haze! So in the meantime, I thought I’d share some quick get-festive tips and inspiration:

  1. I am excited to share that I launched a holiday shop this year, featuring great gifts for the ladies in your life at a range of price points and budgets! Think of it like a gift guide sneak preview and check it out here.
  2. I love the image above from DesignLoveFest for holiday decoration inspiration. I just picked up new ornaments and a tree skirt for my baby tree from Target. Their Wondershop decorations are on point this year… and, of course, affordable. Dangerously affordable. Think “how did I just spend $75 on Christmas decor when I live in a studio and have nowhere to put all this, but ornaments are $3?” affordable.
  3. Some of the other best parts of the season? Holiday music and holiday cocktails, of course. Got you covered for both right this way. That’s my personal holiday Spotify playlist that I listen to every year, and it even includes Chrismukkah/Hanukkah classics like “I Have A Little Dreidel” because, well, I’m Jewish. But not Jewish enough to properly remember how to spell Hanukkah consistently, apparently. Did you know Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve this year? I love it when they overlap.

Keep your eye out for gift guides soon, and let me know your favorite ways to get in the spirit of the season in the comments!

Image: DesignLoveFest