5 Ways To Beat Stress & Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season – Abigail Nora
5 Ways To Beat Stress & Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season – Abigail Nora

5 Ways To Beat Stress & Take Care of Yourself This Holiday Season – Abigail Nora

It’s Christmastime: treat yo self! Or rather, take care of yourself. The holidays are magical, yes, but they are also a time of go-go-go, which makes it incredibly easy to burn out/wipe out/collapse/pick your poison. In between endless errands, holiday parties, travel and whatever else you’ve got going on, remember to take a moment (or more) for yourself this holiday season. Here are 5 simple ways to do it:


I know, I know, this is possibly the most basic stress reduction tip ever but you know what, it’s because it works. You’ve seen Legally Blonde, right? Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands… or extended family members or slow walkers at the mall or whatever the case may be.

Take a Bath

Light some fancy candles, plug in a favorite playlist and soak the stress away. Bonus points if you use a fancy bath oil or fun bath bomb to help unwind. Here are some of my favorite bathtime indulgences:

Get Pretty

For instance, I hate doing my own hair, so I have budgeted for blowouts or styling for upcoming holiday parties. Maybe you’ve always wanted to get a facial, or splurge on a massage, or maybe you just want to enjoy a good old mani-pedi. The point? Beauty treatments are an excellent way to take a moment for yourself in the busyness…while being somewhat productive, since they help you look good for all your holiday obligations!

Be Present

Try meditation, journaling or another technique to help stay in the moment — especially during gatherings when you should really be enjoying the company of friends and loved ones, not stressing about your million-mile-long to-do list. It will also help you remember to give yourself a break! We’re all just human, and the holidays are crazy, and the spirit of the season is not really about how perfectly your gifts are wrapped or whatever.

Practice Gratitude 

Also pretty cheesy advice, but also helpful in remembering the true spirit of the season. (See above: really not about your gift wrapping.)

What do you think? How are you staying sane this season? Share your tips in the comments… I’d love to hear them!

Image: Advice from a Twentysomething