Grateful – Abigail Nora
Grateful – Abigail Nora

Grateful – Abigail Nora

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy and the stress of the holiday season — even among parties and gifts and happiness, it’s definitely a stressful time of year. And, not to go full cheeseball on you, but it’s important and helpful to take a step back and consider all the good shit in your life. Plus, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which is literally a perfect time to do so.

Here are a few of the things on my list:

I am grateful for my family. I can be my most real, messy self with them and they’re stuck with me  still amazing sources of love and support. They’re the best people on the planet and I can’t wait to see my mom and sisters tomorrow.

I am grateful for my friends, who are kind of an adopted family, for the laughs and advice and love that fills my life.

I am grateful for the fact that if my 14 year old self got a glimpse into the future, she’d be pretty darn happy with my 26 year old life (though would probably want to know why we weren’t actually married to Justin Timberlake or Orlando Bloom, like what happened there?)

I am grateful for a body that moves and that this year I discovered I actually like moving it. I’m grateful for spin and barre and yoga and, yes, also SoulCycle. I try to go every Saturday or Sunday morning. Kinda like church. But hey, it’s cheaper than therapy.

I am grateful for my job and my apartment and the fact that my biggest concern in life is usually something like, oh crap, did I spend too much on coffee again?

Speaking of which, I am grateful for coffee.

So there is my cheesy Thanksgiving post. But it’s true, all of it! Let me know…what are you thinking of and grateful for this holiday?

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