A Little Leopard in the Big Apple: What I Wore – Abigail Nora
A Little Leopard in the Big Apple: What I Wore – Abigail Nora

A Little Leopard in the Big Apple: What I Wore – Abigail Nora

disclaimer: that is so definitely not me

Last week, I went to New York City for the first time on a super quick business trip. I’m kind of obsessed with packing lists (they’re one of my favorite things to search on Pinterest!) but there are surprisingly few “what to pack for a super short trip” lists. Apparently this is something that should be fairly self-explanatory? Whatever, I am a chronic over-packer and I definitely could have left approximately half my suitcase at home.

Case in point: I brought a pair of jeans to change into (they seemed more “professional”) but literally spent the whole trip in leggings, anyway. Perks of working in a casual industry, guys. Granted, I only had one meeting and it was a casual one, but it’s all in how you style leggings anyway, right?

In fact, I wore the same basic outfit for both days and learned that leggings and leather jackets are a great foundation on which to build your outfit and also probably your life. Here’s what I packed and wore for my quick trip to New York City (ideal for early spring / fall when it’s just a little chilly but not crazy-cold yet):

As you can see, it’s basically the exact same outfit. Both days were technically travel days, so comfort was key. I just swapped out the shirt, giving the leggings and leather jacket outfit a slightly different look.

I don’t wear a lot of color in my wardrobe period, which made sticking to a muted, coordinated color palette super easy. A couple of people told me I seemed like I was from New York/”had a New York vibe” while I was there, but I was like, “Are you sure it’s not just the fact that I basically only wear black?”

If you want to get my New York vibe for yourself, you can shop the looks below!

Feature Image: The Girl From Panama