Routines, advice + inspiration to have a good week
Routines, advice + inspiration to have a good week

Routines, advice + inspiration to have a good week

On Sunday, a handful of my friends, co-workers and acquaintances ran the Chicago Marathon (including my friend + fellow blogger Kira!). The energy and encouragement in the city was palpable as more than 40,000 runners conquered 26.2 miles. It’s kind of the ultimate way to beat the Sunday scaries and gear up for the week ahead, no?

And in the vein of motivation, inspiration and setting yourself up for success in the week ahead, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks from my favorite blogs. Here are three ways to have a good week — this week and every week!

Reflect, assess + show gratitude

Spend some time in the evening taking stock of the previous day, or week if it’s a Friday or Sunday. This doesn’t have to be a very time-intensive practice — just set aside ten to thirty minutes. Consider things like what went well and what made you proud, as well as what you can improve and do better in the coming week. This type of reflection is perfect for journalers, which is something I should probably do but haven’t yet.

As you evaluate your day/week, pick out at least one thing you’re grateful for. Even on the horrible, stressful, no good very bad days, there’s always something. It’ll keep you honest and help you stay grounded.

Pick a wakeup trick

I am terrible at getting up on time and generally not being a mess in the morning. About the only productive adult morning thing I do is getting my bag ready the night before….which isn’t even technically happening in the morning. That’s why I love this list of 23 ways to wake up happier. Props to people who can pull off all 23, but I’m going to focus on conquering a couple of items…like drinking coffee. I’ve got that down pat. Maybe next I’ll try the morning stretch and (gasp!) not hitting snooze.

Big Picture Focus

I know that “setting an intention” sounds super-cheesy, but it’s really just another word for “goal” in a lot of ways. As part of your daily reflection/gratitude session, consider setting an intention for the coming day or week. It can come from within, like a specific area you’d like to focus on, or you can be inspired by others. For example, my yoga teacher recently shared a story about facing your fears and handling stress that struck me. She and her friends were hiking up a mountain and caught in a sudden storm. It was stressful, but she focused on what was directly in front of her (in this instance, her friend’s butt). But she knew that one step at a time, focusing on her friend, that would get her up the mountain, where a cabin was waiting for them. And it worked, and they survived and had an amazing time.

The moral of the story? One step at a time. One point of focus. That’s a pretty good intention for the week, don’t you think?

How do you set yourself up to have a good week? Share your tips + tricks in the comments!

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