We only making the highlights – Abigail Nora
We only making the highlights – Abigail Nora

We only making the highlights – Abigail Nora

I had such a fun, full, amazing weekend but it. was. exhausting. In fact, I’ve actually been up to quite a bit in the last month or so. Sneak a peek below, and for more, follow me on Instagram @abigailnora:

I love these Umbra shelves in my bathroom, and I am also newly obsessed with Jen Atkin’s haircare line Ouai. That wave spray, though.

This quote in Glamour magazine really struck + stuck with me.

I went to visit my sister Emma in Orlando! And yes, I brought + wore the ears. Because duh.

I also ate Florean Fortescue’s ice cream, purchased a wand and made a trip to Gringotts and it was SO MAGICAL.

These Sephora sheet masks are seriously my favorite. The pearl eye mask irritated me a bit, but I might give green tea a go. They’re a perfect under-$10 pick me up.

I am rarely in The Loop, but when I am, Goddess and the Baker is a must for coffee.

And here’s a taste of my weekend… some of my friends and I joined me in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Logan Square, for dinner and drinks. Then somehow we all dragged our hungover little butts to a class with my favorite SoulCycle instructor, Jaclyn. I posted a really cheesy caption on Instagram with this one, but basically, I’m just super grateful for my friends.