Links Loved: 09.23.16 – Abigail Nora
Links Loved: 09.23.16 – Abigail Nora

Links Loved: 09.23.16 – Abigail Nora

YOU GUYS yes I am doing another links loved post because I am flying to Florida tonight to visit my sister and romp around Disney World and — perhaps more importantly — the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it is going to be so, so great.

You know how before a big fun trip your brain totally goes into vacation mode and it’s really hard to concentrate on work? Yeah, that was definitely me this week. I was very easily distractible, and as a result, found these articles that I wanted to share with you:

  • Speaking of travel, Design*Sponge is sharing six travel skincare essentials. Or, you can also check out what I fly with beauty-wise right this way.
  • Looking for a new show/book/movie? NPR’s got you covered based on things you already like and watch — I just added all the Trainwreck and Popstar recommendations to my list, because I have literary tastes of only the highest caliber.
  • Canadian tuxedos are great and if you’ve never worn one, I highly recommend trying it. And who better to break it down than an actual Canadian model? (Also, for someone who’s never actually been to Canada, I really love Canada a lot and it’s getting to be kind of ridiculous.)
  • Watching Kim Kardashian do her makeup in ten minutes is oddly fascinating. Homegirl uses a LOT of products in ten minutes, but also I wish I had the skills to make my face look like that in just ten minutes.
  • Need to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small space? Try these unexpected spots.
  • Like many bloggers, I love neutrals, but they can be tricky to style sometimes. Here’s how to decorate with neutral colors without being blah.
  • Love HBFit’s advice on how to start an exercise plan and actually stick to it. Much like starting a blog, the hardest thing about starting a fitness regime can be, you know, just doing it….to borrow the catchphrase of a very famous shoe brand.
  • Here’s a list of seven things every stylish person has in his/her home — how many do you have? I’m missing a statement rug and my houseplants are faux…do you think my parents’ old card table that I DIYed counts as “vintage furniture”?

Happy Friday, everyone!

Image: Glitter Guide