Spin Showdown: SoulCycle vs Flywheel – Abigail Nora
Spin Showdown: SoulCycle vs Flywheel – Abigail Nora

Spin Showdown: SoulCycle vs Flywheel – Abigail Nora

I read an article once that likened the competition of SoulCycle vs Flywheel to being “Team Jennifer” or “Team Angelina” — you know, completely divisive, you must choose a camp and there is no going back. Or like being a Cubs or a White Sox fan in Chicago. You just don’t do both.

This article was pretty old … could you tell by the Team Jen reference? And I think times have changed. Certainly there are people who are Team Flywheel or Team SoulCycle, but I guess I’m kind of a spin slut and I like both. Watch the video below to find out why… and how you can try your first SoulCycle class FO FREE! (Guys I’m just really geniunely excited by free SoulCycle this week, that pretty much never happens.)

Also, I did a video this week! The first half is pretty much focused on Flywheel while I talk about SoulCycle in the second half. 

A couple of things I forgot to mention in that almost-12-minute video: if you create a Flywheel account, all your scores and stats will be saved for you to reference online or in the app, from distance traveled to calories burned. I love this feature and it’s a great way to track your personal best and improvement over time, as well. I also personally find the Flywheel bikes a bit more comfortable and easy to have proper form on, but that could totally vary person to person.

Though, you know, Jake Gyllenhaal loves SoulCycle, so that’s definitely a point in their court.

Useful links!
  • Try Flywheel here.
  • Sign up for a SoulCycle account here and then call the studio directly to get your first class for free! (Tell them you’re a new rider.)

Or you could just watch this video of Max Greenfield/Schmidt from New Girl teaching a spin class and you’ll be an instant pro at both SoulCycle and Flywheel.

Oh, and quick pro tip: even if you’re a spin slut and you like both like me, the rivalry IS real. Leave your Flywheel gear at home when you go to Soul, and vice-versa. Speaking of gear, if you’re looking for stylish pieces to wear to your next spin class but don’t want to commit to anything branded, I have so got you covered:

So, let me know what you think! Team SoulCycle? Team Flywheel? Team No New Exercise? Sound off in the comments!