Links Loved: 09.09.16 – Abigail Nora
Links Loved: 09.09.16 – Abigail Nora

Links Loved: 09.09.16 – Abigail Nora

It has been a full three months since I’ve done a “links loved.” For instance, I didn’t even work out last time I did one, and now I think I am officially known as a “Crazy Classpass Lady.” Yes, that’s the technical title. What a difference three months makes, eh?

Three months is also, you know, a full season. All the classic fall signs are here: summer is ending (despite the recent heat wave we had in Chicago! 90 degrees ew), a new iPhone was just announced, NYFW is just beginning, and sweaters and leaves and seasonally-flavored lattes are calling our names. Here’s what I’ve been digging during this transitional time:

So speaking of working out, if you haven’t tried SoulCycle yet (it took me forever too, because $$$), your first ride is FO FREE next week! Usually the first ride is $20, so free is way cheaper. Set up your account using this link, then call the studio of your choice after 2:00 p.m. Monday to book your first class, and if you’re in Chicago, let me know when you’re riding! Maybe I’ll see you there. (Also also — would you be interested in reading a “battle of the indoor cycles” post? Flywheel vs SoulCycle? I have thoughts, guys.)

Networking is such a gross word, but The Zoe Report has a lovely article on how to use Instagram to connect with like-minded creatives/friends/entrepreneurs/girlbosses/etc and build your network. I’ve definitely met some friends online — it can totally happen IRL! (Wait…is it “IRL” if you’re meeting on Insta, though?)

Clinical psychologist Michael Breus argues that when you go to bed, drink coffee, go to the gym, etc. is just as important as how/why/the fact that you’re doing it — and the optimal times are slightly different for everyone. I find this concept endlessly fascinating.

Remember when I shared a list of some of my favorite YouTubers? Well one of them is sharing a peek at what’s in her bag for NYFW. (Side note, I am kind of obsessed with “what’s in my bag” videos…)

And finally, Designlovefest’s Dress Your Tech backgrounds and desktop wallpapers are so good this week.

Happy Friday, all! Let me know if there were any stories that caught your eye this week — or if you have any fun plans this weekend! (See you at Soul?)

Image: Swim Social via The Zoe Report