Interior Crush: Boho Chill in Chelsea – Abigail Nora
Interior Crush: Boho Chill in Chelsea – Abigail Nora

Interior Crush: Boho Chill in Chelsea – Abigail Nora

It’s no surprise that this envy-inducing studio apartment belongs to a Homepolish designer. It’s also positively spacious, bright and clean for a New York City studio. The apartment belongs to Julia Montanez, who told Refinery29, “”The space was completely empty when I moved in, so my inspiration was the bones of the apartment: white brick walls, high ceilings and lots of light.”

She combines mid-century styles with feminine touches…but not too many. The boho minimalist feel keeps the apartment bright and airy, as do the abundance of houseplants and mirrors. Julia breaks a few studio apartment conventions, too, though. Her bed is in the middle of the space, giving the studio a bit of a boutique hotel feel. Most people (myself included) just shove it into the farthest corner from the door possible, hoping to minimize the fact that, yes, your bed is taking up a huge chunk of your real estate.

“I also didn’t want to apologize for having my bed take up 50% of my floor space by doing the typical studio thing like hiding it behind an Ikea bookshelf,” Julia says. “I was inspired by the Ace Hotel (both the Palm Springs by Commune and NYC by Roman & Williams) to have a symmetrical, all-encompassing space.”

Well, it works. And her kitchen is positively gourmet for a studio. Take a peek….

The chair-as-bedside-table is a great double-duty furniture option — perfect for small spaces.

Statement art can work just as well (or better, depending on your point of view) as a gallery wall to add personality and interest to a space. 

Even with the bed in the middle of the room, Julia’s layout is spacious and inviting. I just don’t know how I’d live without a TV, being the Housewives and hockey junkie that I am!

Mirror, mirror … they really do work magic to open up a space and make it seem larger. 

Matchbook bowls and magazine stacks are so simple, but create lovely styled vignettes that add to the studio’s overall aesthetic and personality. 

This is my one issue with the apartment… I don’t super love that chair. The lucite vanity is a great piece, but I feel like the chair sort of overwhelms it. Just proves: to each her own!

I would kill for a kitchen like that in my studio. She even has a dishwasher!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Julia’s interior style?

Images: Refinery29