Monday Motivation + Organization Tips – Abigail Nora
Monday Motivation + Organization Tips – Abigail Nora

Monday Motivation + Organization Tips – Abigail Nora

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Can I be completely honest? I had a very full, fun weekend of housewarmings and spending time with friends and late nights, which was wonderful… but it left me exhausted and not super motivated to blog or work or do anything but binge-watch Netflix.

That’s why I was relieved to see my Bloglovin feed full of motivation and organization tips as I scrolled through Sunday night… it was like a get-your-stuff-together signal from the universe. Whether it’s organization tips from Kim Kardashian’s personal organizer or a reminder to go easy on yourself, here are some of the posts that are carrying me through this week (and beyond!)

  • The Skinny Confidential has some great reminders to keep yourself motivated and organized, including how she starts her morning.
  • Inc. shares tips to streamline your workspace from Kimye’s personal organizer (also, um, what a job.)
  • Have you tried the Pomodoro technique? I’ve seen a few bloggers post about it now, including Because I’m Addicted, but I’m not sure if it would work for me…
  • The Glitter Guide is taking the long view with tips to stay energized and on top of it for the whole rest of the year.
  • Need a jolt of inspiration? The ClassPass blog, The Warm Up, is sharing seven of the most inspiring Olympic ads — although they’re missing my personal favorite, Apple’s spot featuring Maya Angelou narrating her poem “The Human Family.” It’s a heartstrings-tugger for sure.
  • And sometimes, we’re just tired and not that on top of it, and that’s okay. Instead of beating yourself up over not getting that post done, not running those errands, or binge watching one-too-many-episodes that day, try to forgive yourself and remember we’re all just human. My friend Kira has a lovely post on practicing this type of self compassion over on her blog The Imperfectionist.

What do you think? Any go-to tips and tricks to get stuff done when you’re just not feeling it?