A Little Leopard at Home: My Lincoln Park Studio – Abigail Nora
A Little Leopard at Home: My Lincoln Park Studio – Abigail Nora

A Little Leopard at Home: My Lincoln Park Studio – Abigail Nora

It’s been a pretty great year in my first apartment – all 250 square feet of it – and I promised a home tour before I moved out, so here we are.

Yes, it’s teeny-tiny, but I was immediately drawn to the apartment’s charming, vintage details, from the moldings to the hardwood floors. I always think it’s sort of hilarious when people talk about their small/tiny/miniscule apartments, and they are living in 500-750 square foot one bedrooms. I suppose it’s all relative, but the day I graduate to 400+ square feet will be a great day, indeed.

Like many recent graduates, my apartment is full of IKEA staples, including a trusty Kallax shelving unit (formerly known as the Expedit), Billy bookcases and Karlstad loveseat. You can see some of my favorite things in the photo above, including my collection of Vogue September issues, Diptyque candles (a gift from my sister), CB2 pig bookends and a West Elm Moroccan Wedding Basket. The elephant print in the gallery wall above my TV is actually a J.Crew catalogue page!

Fun fact: West Elm was having a great sale on that Moroccan Wedding basket and the sequin throw at the foot of my bed, so shortly after moving in I trudged through a massive blizzard to buy home goods. #Priorites.

Another view of the living area, with the Target stools I use as ottomans, seating and coffee tables. It’s true: multi-purpose furniture is essential if you live in a small space. I’ve had that Victoria & Albert print since I was about 12, after a visit to London, and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

I used gold washi tape to jazz up my Ikea Billy bookcase in the living area, and two more live in my closet, storing clothes and shoes. The the ring dish is Anthropologie and the print is Emily McDowell, picked up at One Strange Bird, a local boutique in Wicker Park.

Another rule of small space living? Leave no nook unstyled. My dress form and Hunter boots live in the wall space between my kitchen and the small hallway/closet leading to the bathroom.

For a tiny studio, this apartment has great storage, but it made the layout a bit tricky – every wall was pretty much occupied by doors or windows. At first, I put the bed next to the front door, but it was a bit awkward. Here, you can see how the couch acts as a divider, separating the living area from the bed. I created a makeshift “dining” area with a table at the foot of the bed, proving that even in the smallest apartment, separate living/sleeping/eating zones are totally possible to create.

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Bed Area:

  • Throw pillows: Target, Anthropologie, PBTeen
  • Duvet: IKEA
  • Throw: West Elm

Dining Area:

Living Area: