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reading / listening / watching / coveting – A Little Leopard reading / listening / watching / coveting – A Little Leopard

reading / listening / watching / coveting – A Little Leopard reading / listening / watching / coveting – A Little Leopard

September 21, 2017 // etc.· life

It’s alive!

And by “it,” I mean both A Little Leopard and myself. August and early September were kind of a doozy. You know how life ebbs and flows? That was definitely a flow… work ramped up, I moved apartments and was in one of my best friend’s wedding in Virginia, all within three weeks of each other. It was mostly good stuff, but there was a lot going on.

Which is why I’m really excited to get back into the groove of blogging. I missed having a creative outlet outside of the daily grind! I’ve started building my editorial calendar back up, and I’m hoping to get back to posting three times per week, too. But in the meantime, I also wanted to share a quick little update on a few things that have caught my fancy in the past month or so…


I’ve just ordered two books from Amazon that are sort of related to each other, despite the fact that one’s a novel and the other is nonfiction. First: Fitness Junkie, a fun, fluffy send-up of the current fitness class and “wellness” craze, which of course I totally buy into.

Which brings me to the second book I ordered: Material Girl, Mystical World. I actually downloaded the audiobook from the library and I’m totally hooked after listening to the first chapter. Author Ruby Warrington is a former fashion editor, and I love her philosophy that “Celine shoes and the Celestine Prophecy could exist in beautiful harmony.” Basically, it makes woo-woo stuff like tarot, horoscopes and seances less “kooky hippie,” and more “cool-girl stylish.”

Now I just need the budget for Celine shoes and a high fashion wardrobe to go with my new high-vibe life…. can manifestation help with that?


I try really hard to like podcasts because I feel like podcasts are cool and smart people listen to them, but I haven’t really found any that sustain my interest episode after episode. I also truly cannot multitask, so if I am going to listen to a podcast, I basically have to devote my full attention to it…no blogging/podcasting or working/podcasting for this girl.

That is…until I discovered That’s So Retrograde. I don’t even remember how I discovered it, to be quite honest, but I’m completely obsessed. Los Angeles-based hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari don’t take themselves too seriously, but also offer really great advice and insight into everything from foam rolling to shamans. Also, one time Lance Bass was on the show, and Andy Cohen might have copped their “roses and thorns” bit for Real Housewives reunions. It’s fun, funny and I’m super into it.


You guys. Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem’s new albums are giving me LIFE this season. Please listen to them immediately if that type of music is even remotely your jam.

Also, fun fact, David Bowie played a role in LCD Soundsystem getting back together, because he is basically just the world’s guardian angel and is continuing to do amazing work from the great rock ‘n’ roll beyond.

PS, if you’re going to see LCD Soundsystem at the Aragon Ballroom in November, say hi. Let’s dance.


Speaking of dancing, a friend and I went to the Lady Gaga at Wrigley Field in August. She sounds even better live than she does recorded, and her dedication to her craft is so apparent when you see her perform. Which is why I’m excited to check out her new documentary, Gaga Five Foot Two, which premieres this Friday on Netflix.


Well, I just moved, so I pretty much want all the home things. But especially Target’s new line Project 62. I actually cannot handle how good it is. It reminds me very much of some of my favorite CB2 and West Elm designs, but for a fraction of the price… which means it’s very, very dangerous for my paycheck. Here are some of my favorite pieces (that round brass mirror looks way more expensive than it actually is and I need it):

So those are a few of the things I’ve been digging lately. A Little Leopard will be back next week with your regularly scheduled programming!

Image: Target