Basic Witch: A Witchy Starter Kit – A Little Leopard Basic Witch: A Witchy Starter Kit – A Little Leopard
Basic Witch: A Witchy Starter Kit – A Little Leopard Basic Witch: A Witchy Starter Kit – A Little Leopard

Basic Witch: A Witchy Starter Kit – A Little Leopard Basic Witch: A Witchy Starter Kit – A Little Leopard

October 31, 2017 // fitness + wellness· life

As much as I’d like to be, I’m no Morticia Addams…I didn’t major in spells and hexes in college, for one. But somewhere along the way, my interest in astrology, tarot, crystals and all things witchy and mystical became well-known enough among my friends for them to tag me in “basic witch” posts and memes. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it started — I did ask for a (and receive) tarot cards high school — but it’s definitely grown in the past year or so.

Of course, the internet makes it way easier, as does the fact wellness is trendy enough that Gwenyth Paltrow is selling Goop Medicine Bags with the 8 Essential Crystals, as recommended by former stylist and shaman Colleen McCann. So yes, astrology, tarot and other wellness-y practices are becoming more stylish… and more accessible.

So accessible, in fact, that even major, well-known retailers are cashing in on the witchy vibes. These can be a great place to start, but if you have a local source to check out crystals, tarot and sage smudges, I highly recommend starting there. I’ve listed some of my favorites in Chicago below, as well as mystical-girl essentials to get you started (including, yes, links to buy online).

Ruby Room: Ruby Room has two locations, and the original Wicker Park spot is a combination inn, spa, salon and shop focused on wellness. There’s a second shop-only location in the Gold Coast that’s near my office and just a few doors down from The Four Seasons Chicago, which I definitely think speaks to the mainstreaming of “woo-woo.” It’s a great place to go for crystals, cards, smudges and more.

Foursided: I’ve written about Foursided on the blog before. In addition to art, cards and gifts, they carry a selection of crystals, the occasional tarot deck, and generally witchy merchandise… like this amazing print by Vichcraft (featuring a quote from a Margaret Atwood poem) and Remix by Giselle Wasfie products (see below).

Asrai Garden: Technically a flower shop (and one of my favorites in Chicago to boot), Asrai Garden also sells tarot, Elektric Alice crystal candles, dreamcatchers and incense. Plus, the overall vibes of the space are just super witchy and stylish.

Remix by Giselle Wasfie: Who knew this high-vibe acupuncturist was located in the heart of the Loop? Full disclosure, I have not yet tried acupuncture, but I really want to and when I do, I’m going to Giselle. She also makes an amazing line of aromatherapy-based products, including magic candles, spirit face wash (yes, face wash!) and crystal-charged essences.

Infiniteus Rocks and Juice: This Wicker Park spot is a combination crystal shop and juice bar, and if that is not the most basic witch thing ever (in a good way) then I don’t know what is.

Okay, so maybe you don’t live somewhere where you can pop in a local boutique and browse tarot decks and crystal offerings. It’s still possible to build a basic witch starter kit on the good old internet…even from places like Free People and Urban Outfitters. Free People, in particular, has really gone all-in on this with their beauty and wellness offerings, and I am not mad about it. Here are a couple of my favorite tools and products to dip your toe into the world of woo-woo:

+ A Guidebook of Sorts: My most recent favorite is Material Girl, Mystical World by Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous. Ruby does a great job of showcasing how wellness and mystical practices can be super-stylish, but still (for the most part) accessible. The book covers a range of topics, from astrology to yoga to style, making it a great introduction and jumping-off point.

Tarot: No, tarot cards don’t really “tell the future.” They’re more of a tool for understanding yourself, setting intentions and helping to guide. If tarot is too intimidating right off the bat (all those suits and cards and meanings), consider an oracle deck instead … or in addition to! Some of my favorite decks include The Wild Unknown, Spirit Speak and Starchild Tarot, but choosing a deck is highly personal. Get the one that calls to you!

Crystals: To wear, carry and display. The different meanings and energies of crystals warrant a whole post in themselves. You certainly don’t have to buy Goop’s $85 medicine bag (unless you want to!). However, Colleen McCann’s list of the eight essential crystals is a great place to start exploring the different properties of various stones. Rose quartz (aka the love stone — both self-love and relationships) seems to be a common “starter crystal” choice.

Sage, candles and other ritual tools: Sage and palo santo for spells and rituals, candles for meditation, intention setting and general increasing of good vibes. Bonus points if it’s a magic or crystal candle. But most important: it should smell good.

Shop my mystical picks below for your own “basic witch” kit…Including a book literally called Basic Witches: