Watchlist Wednesday – A Little Leopard Watchlist Wednesday – A Little Leopard
Watchlist Wednesday – A Little Leopard Watchlist Wednesday – A Little Leopard

Watchlist Wednesday – A Little Leopard Watchlist Wednesday – A Little Leopard

November 18, 2015 // life

With cooling temperatures and cloudy days upon us, there are few things better than curling up with a blanket and Netflix. (None of this Netflix and chill nonsense, but actual binge-watching sessions on the couch with snacks and your comfiest clothes.) Netflix knows it, too, and added two shows to the lineup this month that should have you set through Thanksgiving break:

Master of None

I’m only halfway through the season, but Aziz Ansari’s sitcom perfectly captures millennial life, questions, and that weird extended adolescence known as “young adulthood.” The pilot’s kinda clunky, but by episode two (the wonderful “Parents”), the show completely had my heart. Bonus: those are Aziz’s actual parents playing his mom and dad in that episode. Aww.

Aziz manages to take material from his experiences, stand up and even Modern Romance and weave it into a witty show that does the rare thing of making its audience laugh and think at the same time. From dating to racism in Hollywood, it touches on a lot of themes, but in pithy, easily digestible 25-minute episodes that could all easily stand alone as short films.

(My only qualm with the show – thus far? There’s no way an actor in New York could afford the crazy-nice apartment “Dev” has on the show…no matter how many Go Gurt commercials he’s done.)

And now for something completely different…

Jessica Jones

No, really, I think the only things Jessica Jones and Master of None have in common is that they are both on Netflix and set in New York City. Literally, that’s it. And okay, so, it’s not officially out yet, but we’re just a few short days away from the premier date, and I have high, high expectations for this one. Yes, Jessica Jones is set in the same neighborhood as Daredevil (which is so great, please go watch if you haven’t yet). However, while Daredevil is heavily centered on themes of morality and, uh, ninjas, Marvel’s newest addition promises to be much more noir than its Hell’s Kitchen sibling. With darker, sexier, more adult themes, this ain’t your mama’s superhero. Jessica Jones joins Daredevil in setting up “The Defenders,” another team of Marvel superheroes that are much more street-level than the flashy Avengers. Plus, hellooo Mike Colter as Luke Cage. Seriously, has anyone seen The Good Wife? Sexiest drug lord ever.

I’m off to (probably finish) Master of None, but in the meantime – What’s on your watchlist this fall? Anything I should add?