Obsessed: Volume II – A Little Leopard Obsessed: Volume II – A Little Leopard
Obsessed: Volume II – A Little Leopard Obsessed: Volume II – A Little Leopard

Obsessed: Volume II – A Little Leopard Obsessed: Volume II – A Little Leopard

March 31, 2017 // etc.· life

This week was a veritable treasure trove of interesting things. Some new, some older gems, some new-to-me-but-have-probably been around…all worth sharing!

First up, millennial pink refuses to die and I’m not mad about it. Especially because it’s a key component of A Little Leopard’s branding. The article is super in-depth, featuring a timeline, poets’ reactions to the color, and an overheard conversation between Emily Weiss of Glossier and Fabiana Faria of Coming Soon. It makes me think we’ve probably hit peak millennial pink, actually, but if being a basic millennial is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

This list of beauty brand names that almost were is incredibly interesting. The original names sound clunky and out of place in comparison to the final choice, don’t they? I’m so glad that Glamglow didn’t stick with “Red Carpet Glow,” for example. And without context, “Straightbar” sounds like it has more to do with homophobia than it does with hair. What do you think…do you like any of the almost-brand names better?

Have you heard of Undrrated? Magazine editor Marina Khidekel asks creatives to share their latest recommendations, and it’s as cool as you’d expect. Right now, Undrrated exists only as a newsletter that brightens up my inbox every Wednesday, but a full site is launching soon!

Mmkay this apartment is actually bigger than mine, if you can believe it. The finishes are way nicer, too, and I GUARANTEE it probably costs, like, three times as much. What I’m trying to say is, I would gladly live in 280 square feet for way longer than a year. You know, as long as it was basically this exact apartment.

Speaking of apartments, Havenly has a budget calculator and it’s pretty magical. If you’ve got the itch to redecorate (as I do approximately every six months), but everything seems super expensive, this will help put it all in perspective for you.

ClassPass just added video workouts! I’m hoping that I’ll actually use these videos and do more barre, yoga and strength training at home to complement my spendy spin habits. Videos can be sorted by workout type, equipment needed, and duration. I’m excited to try Blogilates and shadow boxing… heck, I might go crazy and do a dance workout since it’s in the comfort of my own apartment.

If you need a good laugh, watch James Cordon’s Crosswalk Musical production of Beauty and the Beast. My sister just sent it to me and it’s fantastic. Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Josh Gad from the live-action film are all there, and in the words of Josh Gad, “To be invited by James, to perform in the crosswalk outside of CBS…that is what we call a dream come true.” Also, Luke Evans is super attractive.

Finally, I ordered this Madewell sweatshirt when it went on sale a couple of days ago and I’m so excited to get it. I mean, it’s got an evil eye on it, so it basically guarantees good vibes only while wearing, right?

PS – I just realized both volumes of “Obsessed” to date have some sort of tie to Beauty and the Beast. Which seems fitting, since I’m sort of a huge Disney fan. The series is living up to its name, ha!

Image: MyDomaine