Carry On Essentials: What's In My Travel BagA Little Leopard
Carry On Essentials: What's In My Travel BagA Little Leopard

Carry On Essentials: What's In My Travel BagA Little Leopard

Carry On Essentials: What’s In My Travel Bag


Whether I’m traveling for business or pleasure, the contents of my in-flight bag and my carry on essentials stay pretty consistent. I’ve gotten packing liquid toiletries and my in-flight skincare routine down to a science, so it’s pretty easy for me to get my beauty essentials ready to go. But there are a couple of other in-flight necessities I always make sure to grab, too. Here’s what I always pack for the plane — and my favorite bag to pack it all in:

+ I am obsessed with my adidas by Stella McCartney bag and use it for nearly everything: work bag, gym bag and, of course, in-flight bag. For one thing, it’s HUGE! It’s got two water bottle pockets, a laptop sleeve and three more interior pockets for stuff that needs to be easily accessible, like my phone, ID and wallet. The leopard print is cute but subtle and the nylon material is super durable — perfect for getting stashed under a plane seat.

+ I always travel with my laptop. I use it to watch movies in-flight and blog on the go … you never know when inspiration will strike! And yes, I bought a marble skin for it because it’s pretty.

+ I am a woman of multiple pouches. I bring two for beauty stuff: one for makeup and a clear, quart-size TSA approved pouch with all my liquids. I don’t bring all my makeup on the plane…just the essentials to touch up after touch-down. (Ha.) Usually, this means makeup wipes, mascara, eyeliner and highlighter in addition to my liquid stash. I love Glossier’s pink pouches for my non-liquid items, and you can read all about how I pack liquid carry on essentials here!

+ In addition to my beauty pouches, I store all my chargers — laptop, phone, backup battery — in this Poppin pouch. The metallic makes it easy to find at a moment’s notice!

+ If I’m not on my laptop, I love to read during a flight. Whether it’s a book or a magazine, it’s rare to get such an uninterrupted stretch of time to catch up on my reading list. I’m also a huge fan of downloading eBooks and audiobooks from the library before a trip.

+ Earbuds and/or headphones are fairly self-explanatory. Could you imagine sitting through a flight without them? I love these Frends headphones and just got these marble earbuds from Happy Plugs.

+ I always sleep with an eye mask, so I’ll stash one in my in-flight bag in case I want to nap at all en-route. My sister got me a silk one from Slip for Christmas and it is so luxe and lovely. This Wildfox eye mask is also super cute!

+ And of course, I purchase a liter of water as soon as I’m through security. Staying hydrated is important, especially in the air!

Shop my essentials below, and let me know what your carry-on essentials are in the comments!

Image: Gal Meets Glam