Eight Habits of Happy People You Should AdoptA Little Leopard
Eight Habits of Happy People You Should AdoptA Little Leopard

Eight Habits of Happy People You Should AdoptA Little Leopard


In an ongoing attempt to be more mindful and a Generally Better Person, I purchased a Happiness Planner (on sale, though, because I’m not lying about that whole tap water budget situation). It brilliantly combines a traditional planner (schedules, to-dos) with a journaling element to increase positive thinking and help define and chase your goals.

I also chose to download the app and sign up for the daily and weekly Happiness Planner email series, because I am a classic overachiever. It’s paid off, though! A couple of the daily emails have really spoken to me, particularly an early one from Elyse Gorman of Notes on Bliss sharing habits of happy people.

I’m no expert on happiness, but I was really inspired by Elyse’s list. So, I distilled it down into eight key habits of happy people to share with you (and that I’d personally like to adopt in my own life):

  1. Happy people forgive more. In the email, Elyse shares this quote from the Buddha: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” I’m definitely guilty of reacting to things too quickly and getting all worked up about them… but in the end, what’s the point? I’m working on being more forgiving: to others, to myself, and even to really crappy moments. Because sometimes, it’s out of your control and all you can do is take a deep breath and say, namaste, bitches.
  2. Happy people meditate. I am so bad at this but when I try it, I like it!  You don’t have to sit still for hours and hours to reap the benefits of meditation. Heck, there’s such a thing as moving meditation for you fellow fidgeters out there. Here are 5 meditation apps to try to get you started and clear your mind.
  3. Happy people are present. What’s that saying about worrying = suffering twice? Because it is. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but it’s also a waste of energy that could be spent on things that are far more worthy of your time. Focusing on the present moment can help mitigate worry. I know, I know, easier said than done. Sometimes, however, it’s as simple as taking a deep breath, a step back and getting out of your own head.
  4. Happy people exercise. As we all know, endorphins make you happy. Elyse specifies yoga here, but I think as long as you find something that gets you moving and feeds both your body and your mind, you’re good. Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s a group fitness class, or maybe it is, indeed, yoga. Yoga and SoulCycle are my personal favorites, for very different but equally important reasons. Find what moves you (literally)!
  5. Happy people are inspired. Speaking of SoulCycle, I took a class with Angela Davis (aka Oprah’s favorite) this weekend. She was crazy-inspiring, and I clearly remember her saying toward the end of class, “I’m here to resuscitate your dream.” Sometimes we lose sight of the dream, and we need a kick in the butt to remember. Hold tight to your inspiration and keep something to remind you of it — whether that’s a quote, a vision board, or even a secret Pinterest board. Just keep the dream alive!
  6. Happy people are grateful and avoid comparison. These two go hand-in-hand. When you express gratitude for the things in your life, you’re accomplishing a couple of things. One, you’re sending ~positive vibes~ out into the universe, which are good karmic points and will be returned back to you. Two, when you’re busy being grateful for what you have, it makes it that much harder to spend time focusing on other people.
  7. Happy people use mantras and affirmations. I know, I know, it sounds so cheesy, but I am telling you that mantras and affirmations work. I first read about them in Jen Sincero’s book You Are a Badass. She shares a bunch of options and recommends finding one that you don’t feel completely goofy saying. Here are two from Sherianna Boyle that I recently discovered via My Domaine, as well:
    “I give myself permission to prioritize the things that bring me joy, creativity and connection.”
    “I have the confidence and knowledge to take action.”
  8. Happy people do what they love. They make time for the things that bring them joy, whether it’s spending time with friends, going to concerts, creating something, learning about astrology, etc etc etc. If it makes you happy, make time for it in your life!

Image: Create & Cultivate