DREAM BED ON A BUDGET – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard
DREAM BED ON A BUDGET – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

DREAM BED ON A BUDGET – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard


Confession: I am very over my bedding situation.

Okay, not very over, that feels dramatic, but it’s definitely due for a refresh. However, I am my mother’s daughter in many ways, and one of those is that I am incredibly indecisive and picky when it comes to bedding. Or, at least, bedding in my price range, which is not very big. Can we talk about how expensive bedding is?! What is so special about linen that makes it worth a couple hundred dollars a duvet cover??

Anyway, my whole decor style and sensibility has shifted in the past year or so, which in turn led to this general bedding situation malaise. In the past, I was more drawn to Scandinavian vibes with glam touches — which, as evidenced by my acceptance into Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool contest and the page views on my old apartment tour, other people seem to like, too. However, lately I have been pivoting more into the realm of what Apartment Therapy defines as “organic modern.” Think light, airy, neutral, more minimal and less glam. Maybe not a lot of colors, but a lot of texture and interest — kind of like this super chic blogger interior crush, or this one.

Eventually, I’d love to swap out my actual bed for something more along these lines. My current bed is actually a really nice piece from Pottern Barn Kids, but it’s got a headboard and a footboard and just doesn’t super fit my overall design ~aesthetic~.

Unfortunately, purchasing a whole new bed gets expensive…but purchasing whole new sheets? That’s a much more affordable swap.

A quick glance at both my “apartment” and “dream home” Pinterest boards will reveal my penchant for white bedding…but as someone who enkoys drinking coffee and tea in bed, white bedding scares me. Or at least, expensive white bedding does. So, I scoured the internet, and I think I’ve found some alternate, affordable bedding options to get the luxe white bedding look for a lot less. Heck, at these prices, I might even buy TWO duvets so I can do less laundry!

My favorite combination lately is crisp white bedding and a textured element, like a Moroccan wedding blanket or a faux fur throw. Luckily, creating this look is totally possible on a budget — and it all starts at IKEA (because of course it does). Specifically, it starts with the Ofelia Vass duvet set.

My mom (yep, the one who gave me the indecisive bedding genes) has this set, and I can attest it looks great in person: textured, crisp, white and bright. My fellow blogger Mom Jeans & Mimosas also has the Ofelia Vass set, and you can see some lovely photos of the duvet in action in this post.

Also, shout out to IKEA for selling the duvet covers and shams together, for less than $100, instead of making you buy everything separately because that is such a rip off. Of course I want matching shams, so why are you making me buy them separately?

Oh, an speaking of duvet sets, H&M Home also makes some affordable duvet covers if none of IKEA’s options strike your fancy.

Of course, you’ll need sheets on your bed too. I am not a huge fan of IKEA’s sheets — but Target makes some great, not-too-expensive options (especially from their Threshold line). I personally own these and love them. They have that vintage cotton, linen-y look without the super high price tag.

But the best part of styling bedding is the best part of styling most things: accessories! In this case, that means some killer throw pillows and blankets. This faux lamb fur option from Urban Outfitters is gorgeous, but it’s also a total splurge. Once again, turn to Target for chic, affordable throw blankets and pillows — they have some really excellent choices from lots of brands and designers like Threshold, Nate Berkus and even their Xhilaration line. Other great pillow sources include Urban OutfittersPBTeen (love the Emily + Merritt collection), Anthropologie (on sale) and, yes, IKEA.

Shop some of my favorite affordable bedding picks below to get your own luxe bed-on-a-budget:

Image: Domino, Mom Jeans & Mimosas