Links Loved: 2.19.2016 – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard
Links Loved: 2.19.2016 – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

Links Loved: 2.19.2016 – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

Links Loved: 2.19.2016

Welcome to the first “Links Loved” of 2016! I knew I had to do one this week after seeing the trailer for “Crazy About Tiffany’s.” I absolutely loved “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” (go. watch. now. if you haven’t yet!) and this documentary, from the same production team, looks just at witty, fabulous and fascinating. You can also watch the trailer right here:

In a rather different turn, I’ve been in total Lean In/Girlboss mode over the past few weeks (despite not having read either book — but I’ve put both on hold at the library!) A stressful, difficult few weeks at work have inspired me to push ahead and hustle harder. Here are a few of the articles, reminders and generally Girlboss-y things that have been motivating me lately:

  • The Girlboss podcast has improved my commute about a thousand percent. I’ve been catching up on every episode and feel like a total, well, girlboss when I head into the office each morning. How many times in one post can I say “girlboss”? But seriously, the podcast leaves me energized, inspired and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store for me.
  • Speaking of the OG Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, I recently changed my iPhone background to her quote “Compete with yourself, not with others,” which is a very necessary reminder sometimes. You can download it here via Design Love Fest. I also changed my desktop wallpaper to one from this set: “Life is tough, darling, but so are you.” Heck. yes.
  • This list of things that will make you stand out at work is excellent, comprehensive and all around fantastic advice. I feel like many times, these type of articles can be sort of wishy-washy, but this one is chock full of juicy, relevant, concrete info. It comes from Who What Wear and Clique media co-founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power’s forthcoming book, “The Career Code: Must-Know Rules for a Strategic, Stylish, and Self-Made Career,” which I now totally want to check out.
  • There’s another article on MyDomaine that is a powerful reminder of why you need to be your own best advocate… which can be tricky if you fall into the trap of being too nice. Something tells me this is mostly a female problem.
  • Finally, blogger Oh Joy! released a home decor collection at Target. (How is this related to Girlbossiness, you ask? Releasing a Target collection is a very Girlboss thing to do, of course. I have also been reading her book, Blog Inc., which is a couple years old but still totally inspiring.) And this neon heart light is both adorable and one of the most affordable neon lights I’ve ever seen. I want it.

How was your week? What’s on your radar? Let me know in the comments!