Style Resolutions You Can Steal from Rachel ZoeA Little Leopard
Style Resolutions You Can Steal from Rachel ZoeA Little Leopard

Style Resolutions You Can Steal from Rachel ZoeA Little Leopard


I, like many women across America, enjoy shopping and clothes and fashion. But I also have fallen prey to the closet trap of “I have nothing to wear!” far too many times. And while it may seem like the easiest way to remedy this is to go out and buy more clothes, that’s not always true. It can actually lead to closet overwhelm, and then you can’t remember what clothes you own so you think you have nothing to wear and it’s just a vicious cycle, really.

In fact, it’s often better to look at your closet with fresh eyes and try something new. Stylist supreme Rachel Zoe is here to help with that, with three style resolutions that any woman can make. After all, getting dressed should be fun, not stressful:

One. Accessorize MorePersonally, I tend to favor simple outfits and minimal accessories. But as fashion trends more towards maximalism (thanks, recent Gucci collections), accessories are going to be a key way to change up your look. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot. You can follow Rachel’s earrings + cocktail ring + two bracelets formula for less than $50 total if you hit up Forever 21 or H&M. Just remember to paint the inside of the ring with clear nail polish so it doesn’t turn your finger green! (Looking for something a bit more high-quality? Katie Dean Jewelry is one of my all-time favorite brands.)

Two. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. That outfit you’ve always kind of wanted to wear, but maybe been too scared to? Wear it. (For me, this is a velvet pencil skirt combo that WILL see the light of day I swear.) I also love Rachel’s point that you can always change it back. Try the outfit for one day. It’s literally just one day.

Three. Stop Saving Clothes for Special Occasions. I love this tip. If you bought it, and you love it, wear it! Don’t let it just sit in your closet waiting for the right occasion…look for as many excuses to wear your favorite pieces as possible!

Are you making any style resolutions this year? Share them in the comments!

Image + video: The Zoe Report