HOLIDAY ROUND UP – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard
HOLIDAY ROUND UP – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

HOLIDAY ROUND UP – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard


Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! Are you going home for the holidays, or somewhere warm, fun and exciting? Or is home somewhere warm, fun and exciting? That’d be cool, and also, invite me to your next Christmas?

It’s been a whirlwind of crazy days at work and gift exchanges and holiday parties and I am honestly so ready to head back to the good old Chicago ‘burbs and spend some time with family this weekend. I still have to pack, because let’s be honest, packing is kind of the worst and supremely difficult. Especially for a winter weekend. How the heck am I supposed to know ahead of time what I will feel like wearing all weekend, hmm?

Anyway, I hope your Christmas is extra merry and bright — mine will be, literally, because Hanukkah starts tomorrow too! Have I mentioned I love when they overlap? I think I have. 🙂


When we were in LA, we went to The Magic Castle, which is basically Hogwarts for a society of magicians. Fun fact: Neil Patrick Harris is a member and, I believe, served as president. It’s funny because in his 73 Questions video, NPH claims to hate magic. (That’s the joke!) Also, there are a lot of Disney references and it’s super festive, so naturally I love it.

Speaking of LA and travel and the holidays, if you are traveling this season, here are some helpful tips to stay healthy.

Last travel thing: here are the travel essentials fashion girls don’t leave home without.

My friend Mileva wore this Madewell sweater at work the other day, and then I saw it on Jacey of Damsel in Dior’s Instagram, and I think I’m kind of obsessed with it now.

Apparently West Elm is getting a makeover in 2017?! I love their current incarnation, but based on this preview I am super excited to see what’s in store. No pun intended. Oh and also, new look West Elm pieces are available online starting today!

Finally, speaking of 2017, here are three super-simple, five minute habits to improve your morning routine. New Year’s resolutions, anyone?

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Happy Holidays, everyone!!