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street style Archives – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

street style Archives – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

Caroline de Maigret is one of those impossibly chic, cool French girls. She literally wrote the book on it (How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are) and embodies that enviable, quintessentially French je ne sais quoi, as evidenced by this video from British Vogue:

One other thing about French girls? They’re basically an endless source of sartorial inspiration, somehow managing to look effortless and chic no matter what they wear. Why do you think I’m so excited for Carine Roitfeld’s second Uniqlo collection? When you’re severely underwhelmed by your wardrobe, or faced with yet another “closet full of clothes and nothing to wear” dilemma, look to French girls for outfit inspiration. The French have mastered the art of getting dressed without being overly fussy, resulting in always-stylish ensembles.

Not all of these bloggers/street style stars/celebrities are French, but they’ve certainly got the effortless, casual-chic thing down — proving that you don’t actually have to be from France to get the Parisian look.

Image: Who What Wear

Aimee Song layers basic, timeless pieces like a blazer and camel coat (ugh so chic) for a very Parisian vibe.

Image: Who What Wear

Caroline de Maigret and Chiara Ferragni both love leather jackets, and with good reason. They’re endlessly versatile and can add a bit of roughness and edge to nearly any outfit.

Image: Who What Wear

Case in point: the leather jacket thrown over a slip dress and heels combination that would be too obviously sexy on its own.

Image: Refinery29

Seriously, how do French girls make a simple blazer, jeans and tee look so good?

Image: Adoreness

Clemence Posey, a.k.a. Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter, masterfully mixes a ladylike jacket with menswear inspired loafers.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Finally, Emily Weiss proves that sometimes, simplicity is best.

Put together your own French girl outfit with the style picks below:

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