My Favorite iPhone Apps – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard
My Favorite iPhone Apps – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

My Favorite iPhone Apps – A Little LeopardA Little Leopard

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Image: Sonix

Like most millennials — and most humans at this point, probably — I live and die by my phone. And because I’m also kind of Type A (understatement), it’s organized and color-coded to a tee, with categories like “social,” “shopping” and more. Here’s a look at what’s on my phone and my favorite iPhone apps in each category. Some are paid, most are free — but all are actually worth downloading and taking up some of your precious phone space.

Photography: Instagram + PicTapGo

Instagram is a total no-brainer, and probably also my favorite social network next to Pinterest. But how do I edit my Instagram photos and prep them for posting? I think I’m in the minority here, because it seems like every blogger under the sun uses VSCO Cam, but I swear by PicTapGo. It’s $1.99, but so super worth it. I love the ability to layer and adjust filters, as well as save recipes, all in one app. Rarely do I find I have to bounce from app to app to edit photos, which is wonderful.

Productivity: SkimmAhead

I literally just downloaded this one the other day because theSkimm is doing a killer Olympics-themed giveaway. I was fully expecting to think it’s not worth $2.99 a month, but theSkimm founders are right — that is way less than a single Starbucks, Netflix, etc. I may have just become a SkimmAhead convert. Love that you can read the daily Skimm right in-app and it adds important pop culture events to your calendar. Like when Game of Thrones is on, because not gonna lie, I have to google that every single episode.

Finance: Digit

Um, okay, confession time: I am not what you’d call “good with money.”  I am what you would call “good at spending money.” Contributing to my 401K and downloading Digit are literally the two most financially responsible things I’ve done in my entire life, except for possibly saving up for that American Girl Doll horse as a child. (It was $70!)

Anyway, Digit. It’s amazing. The app literally saves money for you, by taking small amounts you won’t even notice straight from your checking account. It can be as little as a few cents, but it really does add up over time and it’s amazing to watch you savings balance grow. Plus, it’s a super user-friendly interface and actually kind of a fun app to interact with. Bonus: if you decide to try Digit, use my referral link and we’ll both get $5 added to our accounts! There’s also a video at that link that explains how it works perfectly.

Sports: Chicago Blackhawks + The Official NHL App

Look, I am a big hockey fan, okay, and I would be lying if I did not include these on a list of my favorite apps. I like the Blackhawks app because #loyalty (Original Six or bust except the Red Wings!), and the NHL app for keeping me apprised of trades and other league shenanigans (like Andrew Shaw going to Montreal and PK Subban leaving it 😭😭😭).

Fashion: Vogue

Vogue is good at social media, and their app is no exception. Is it, per their tagline, the only fashion app you’ll need? Meh, that’s probably an overstatement. Is it an excellent daily dose of fashion + culture happenings? Um, yes. The read later option is particularly useful for commutes, etc. If you’re interested in anything remotely in that realm, do yourself a favor and download.

Health + Fitness: ClassPass + Flywheel

I like that you can book ClassPass on the go through the app, but perhaps my favorite feature are the class reviews — currently an app exclusive. If I’m on the fence about a class or trying something for the first time, I’ll check the reviews in the app to get a general feel. It’s also a great way to scope out your teachers, since they can definitely make or break your class experience. (Want a full rundown of my thoughts on ClassPass? Right this way.)

Flywheel is what made me fall in love with fitness. Okay, love might be a strong word, but I am definitely in love with pretty much everything about Flywheel itself, and their app is no exception. Running late? Check in on your phone! Want to know more about your instructor and their teaching style? App’s got you covered. But I really love being able to see my stats, power score and calorie burn after each class.

Food + Coffee: Reserve + Starbucks

Reserve is a wonderful little app that allows you to snag tables at some of the best restaurants, sometimes on fairly short notice. Not sure where you want to eat? Reserve acts as a restaurant concierge. I actually used it to book my birthday dinner a mere three days ahead of time. My concierge helped me find a good-for-groups, trendy option for ten of us, and we ended up having an amazing time at The Dawson. You can also pay directly through the app; use code EKG0A (that’s a zero not an o) for $5 off your first reservation.

Starbucks is another no-brainer. Reloading your card, earning rewards and paying with the app are all easy, but I really love the order-ahead feature. Skipping the lines on a Monday morning? Yes, please.

Shopping: Nordstrom

Bad for my bank account, good for my closet. (See: good at spending money, above.)

Travel: Hipmunk + Hopper

Hipmunk is my favorite travel site because just look at their mascot! The sort flights by price and “agony” (i.e. how annoying your trip will be) and have a flight tracking option, as well. The app is just as user friendly if you’re more inclined to book on-the-go.

My sister Hannah introduced my to Hopper, which is probably the best flight tracking app I’ve ever used. Know when + where you want to go? Pop it into the calendar and Hopper will tell you whether to buy the ticket now or wait. There’s also options for flexible dates, if you know where, but not necessarily when. Brilliant.

Entertainment: Pokemon Go

I am totally doing this. Don’t judge me. Eevee is my favorite.

Shop pretty phone cases below and tell me — what are your favorite, can’t-live-without-em apps?