Travel Tips to Keep You Sane and Stylish – A Little Leopard
Travel Tips to Keep You Sane and Stylish – A Little Leopard

Travel Tips to Keep You Sane and Stylish – A Little Leopard

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My sister is going to Europe, like, A$AP Rocky, and has requested a post about travel tips and tricks. First off, I’m super jealous, but also flattered. I didn’t realize that my obsessive travel planning isn’t a normal thing and not everyone preps for a trip quite the way I do. So, here are three key travel tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years:

One. Traveling light(ish) – go carry-on only

I say light(ish) because even when forced to fit everything into a carry on I am still a chronic over-packer. Checked bags are such a hassle, though…way more of a hassle than having to find a way to pack all your liquids in one quart size bag, and in containers that are no bigger than 3.4 ounces, to boot.

I might be a terrible packer, but there are plenty of sources on Pinterest for packing lists and tricks. Some of my favorites:

I love packing lists, and my “Wanderlust” board on Pinterest is full of nearly as many packing pins as it is dream destinations. Try searching “packing list” on Pinterest for sample travel capsules and ideas, and add your destination to the search (e.g. “Europe Packing List” or “Hawaii Packing List”) for even more ideas.

Two. In-flight essentials

Your personal item — the stuff you’ll have available nearby in-flight — is just as important as packing your actual suitcase. I’ve written a more in-depth post specifically about this, but here’s the gist: you’ll want water, entertainment, something to keep warm in the cold plane air (socks, blanket scarf, etc.) and beauty essentials like moisturizer and face spray.

Three. At the airport and en route

There are a few important things to consider for the getting-there part of your trip, like your airport outfit. No, really, this is super key, which is why I have a whole post dedicated to it. Also key: figuring out what dining and newsstand options are in your terminal and/or where the nearest decent coffee option is. (Just me? Okay. But seriously, many airports have terminal maps available online so you can scope out this crucial info.)

I like to go as mobile as possible at the airport. Many airlines now accept mobile boarding passes, and mobile passports are even a thing at select airports. (Technology! It’s crazy!) However, you may want to err on the side of caution and bring paper copies of everything, too. (Ahem, Emma: err on the side of caution.) Make sure that you have all important documents, including your ID and ticket. Don’t forget things like your destination’s currency and electrical adapters if you’re flying internationally.

Finally, it’s usually a good idea to leave room in your budget for pre-trip essentials. For example, I am a sucker for buying miniature sized things (“because they’re TSA approved!”) like new face wash, etc. The checkout lanes of Sephora are so dangerous/perfect for this. And if I’m going somewhere tropical, you’d better believe my pasty butt is getting a spray tan first.

What do you think? Anything useful in my travel tips? Let me know how you prep for a trip, and shop some of my travel essentials below: