February 2016 – A Little Leopard
February 2016 – A Little Leopard

February 2016 – A Little Leopard

Anyone else stay up too late watching the Oscars last night (slash drinking too much champagne)? No? Just me? You’re all liars. And liars need an easy, comfortable outfit for those Mondays when they haven’t gotten enough sleep due to an awards show…or whatever the case may be. And for that, we turn to Kendall Jenner. Here’s a look at her full ensemble:

Image: People StyleWatch

When she’s not stomping down a Chanel runway, Kendall Jenner is the master of the model off duty look. Thankfully for us mere mortals, when you break it down, Kendall Jenner street style is actually quite achievable:

Boom. Done. I’d bet most of us own many similar pieces and can recreate this look in a snap. Plus, it’s fairly easy to modify. Sweatshirt too casual for work? Remove it, and you’ve got a chic, all black ensemble. Too warm for layers? Remove one – turtleneck, jacket, or sweatshirt, take your pick.

I am a huge fan of minimalist-chic, casual pieces and would feel totally comfortable wearing this to work. I mean, seriously, the girl has convinced me that a fraying sweatshirt with the sleeves poking out of a moto jacket can be totally sophisticated. On board the Kendall Jenner street style train too? Shop similar, budget friendly pieces below (because I’m sure whatever she’s wearing costs a gajillion model dollars):

Image: Pinterest (let me know if you know the appropriate source!)

I was a busy bee this week: caught Crazy About Tiffany’s at the Gene Siskel Film Center, got a haircut in a blizzard and saw Van Gogh’s Bedrooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. Now, I am fully ready to curl up, catch up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (guilty pleasure okay), do a little furniture shopping with my mom (yay trips to the suburbs for IKEA!) and of course, watch the Oscars. And that’s it, that’s the plan, stan.

  • Speaking of Stan, as I was getting dressed this morning I thought, “This outfit would look amazing with Stan Smiths, I should get a pair.” And then my friend Stephanie showed me this pair, and I want them. Real talk: Are Stan Smiths still cool? Did we reach peak Stan Smith in 2015? Let me know what you think in the comments!
  • Okay, okay, I know I said I’m furniture shopping this weekend, but I’m seriously obsessed with My Topshop Wardrobe. I’m a sucker for personality-based quizzes, games and recommendations, and I really think my closet would be much happier with some new Topshop items in it (so yes, they spark joy.)
  • Speaking of personality-based recommendations, apparently you can match lipsticks to Myers Briggs personality types. I guess I’m a bold red girl who should wear a lipstick that is “long-lasting, super pigmented, and can’t dry out her lips while she’s quickly and forcefully implementing her plan.”
  • I was intrigued by this list of decor trends that are in and out for this year, but balked at the first mention — sorry, not ready to let my rose gold, coppers and bronzes go just yet!
  • Predicting who will win at the Oscars is fun… predicting who will wear what on the red carpet? Possibly even better. Rachel Zoe has some too, which you can watch right here:
  • I’m being slightly dramatic about the whole haircut in a blizzard thing, but not at all dramatic about the fact that I recently discovered I can actually use dry shampoo and found the best. ever. I have very thick, dry, coarse hair, so I always thought dry shampoo wouldn’t work with my texture… well Kevin Murphy proved me wrong. I use this stuff as a to refresh between washes and add texture when I style it, and it smells amazing. Like so, so good.
  • Finally, in between reality TV, red carpet dresses and IKEA, I’m going to try some of these tips to live a more creative life.

We’ve got an oldie but a goodie today! Waaaay back in 2013, Glitter Guide published a tour of blogger Kat Tanita’s apartment for their Style at Home series, and it was one of the first apartments I’d seen that truly showcased living stylishly in a small — like really, actually small — space.

So often we see home tours proclaiming, “Look at how I made this tiny 700 square foot one bedroom work!” While that’s great, and still admittedly small for many people, it’s over double my own square footage. Basically, I would love 700 square feet to work with. I have a hunch this is also the case for many other city dwellers, especially in those cities with hot rental markets like New York and, to a lesser extent, Chicago.

I believe Kat has since moved on to a bigger space (as most of us hope to eventually, I think!), but her girly, glam Upper East Side studio still serves as a total source of small space inspiration.

Kat has got blogger style down, from the PB Teen dress form (which I also own and love) to her numerous Diptyque candles and fresh peonies.

She also has quite the collection of coffee table books, and I love how she displays them all in her small space.

Too small closet? That’s okay — when your clothes are this chic, they look good spilling out into your living area.

Kat has a great knack for repurposing Diptyque candle jars. They’re so pretty, it only makes sense to do so!

A peek at her bedroom and small sitting/dining area.

Girl can definitely create a mean coffee table book stack. Loving this curated selection.

And finally, a peek inside her kitchen — even her kitchen shelfie is on point.

I wish we could get a better sense of the apartment’s layout from the feature, but you can tell this is definitely a small space. Still, it oozes style, proving that space does not dictate taste. Shop pieces from and inspired by Kat Tanita’s apartment below if you love her style as much as I do:

Images: Glitter Guide and With Love From Kat

Image: Le Fashion

I’ve been a fan of Topshop for awhile, but recently discovered that they have an amazing, robust section of content and inspiration, including one of the best tools I’ve discovered yet: My Topshop Wardrobe.

More than just a style quiz, My Topshop Wardrobe takes into account your taste as well as your lifestyle, your figure and even what you hope to get out of the quiz.

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

The quiz also asks you to choose five words to describe your style (i.e. rocker, minimal, glamorous, casual, etc.), what your body type is and and which features you’d like to highlight, and what types of outfits you’d wear for weekdays, weekends and nights out:

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

Image: Topshop

I was quite pleased (but not surprised!) by my result, “The Chic Girl”:

Image: Topshop

Clean silhouettes and classic investment pieces? Yep, that sounds about right. Here are a few of the pieces that make up The Chic Girl wardrobe, all of which I would most definitely purchase:

The quiz also features a style guide with tips on pieces that work well on your body, as well as ones that might not. There’s also an edited selection of sample outfits to help you visualize how your Topshop wardrobe can all come together. It’s sort of like a capsule wardrobe, Topshop-style.

My item recommendations were all spot-on, and the outfits were all things I’d love to wear. In fact, I frequently use the outfit recommendations to inspire my own clothing choices based on similar styles I already own. I love the way that My Topshop Wardrobe uses the same pieces in multiple outfits, which makes the whole concept feel much more realistic and approachable. I’m trying to take a smarter approach to shopping (ahem, Kon Mari method), and seeing how pieces can form the basic building blocks of a wardrobe helps inform that approach, I think. I’ve even saved a few pieces to my list and plan to pop over to Topshop soon to give them a test run! (Don’t forget, if you don’t have a full-fledged Topshop nearby, much of the line is available at Nordstrom, too!)

What do you think? I’d love to hear what your result was and if you agree with it, and if you like the pieces Topshop suggests for you!

Welcome to the first “Links Loved” of 2016! I knew I had to do one this week after seeing the trailer for “Crazy About Tiffany’s.” I absolutely loved “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” (go. watch. now. if you haven’t yet!) and this documentary, from the same production team, looks just at witty, fabulous and fascinating. You can also watch the trailer right here:

In a rather different turn, I’ve been in total Lean In/Girlboss mode over the past few weeks (despite not having read either book — but I’ve put both on hold at the library!) A stressful, difficult few weeks at work have inspired me to push ahead and hustle harder. Here are a few of the articles, reminders and generally Girlboss-y things that have been motivating me lately:

  • The Girlboss podcast has improved my commute about a thousand percent. I’ve been catching up on every episode and feel like a total, well, girlboss when I head into the office each morning. How many times in one post can I say “girlboss”? But seriously, the podcast leaves me energized, inspired and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store for me.
  • Speaking of the OG Girlboss, Sophia Amoruso, I recently changed my iPhone background to her quote “Compete with yourself, not with others,” which is a very necessary reminder sometimes. You can download it here via Design Love Fest. I also changed my desktop wallpaper to one from this set: “Life is tough, darling, but so are you.” Heck. yes.
  • This list of things that will make you stand out at work is excellent, comprehensive and all around fantastic advice. I feel like many times, these type of articles can be sort of wishy-washy, but this one is chock full of juicy, relevant, concrete info. It comes from Who What Wear and Clique media co-founders Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power’s forthcoming book, “The Career Code: Must-Know Rules for a Strategic, Stylish, and Self-Made Career,” which I now totally want to check out.
  • There’s another article on MyDomaine that is a powerful reminder of why you need to be your own best advocate… which can be tricky if you fall into the trap of being too nice. Something tells me this is mostly a female problem.
  • Finally, blogger Oh Joy! released a home decor collection at Target. (How is this related to Girlbossiness, you ask? Releasing a Target collection is a very Girlboss thing to do, of course. I have also been reading her book, Blog Inc., which is a couple years old but still totally inspiring.) And this neon heart light is both adorable and one of the most affordable neon lights I’ve ever seen. I want it.

How was your week? What’s on your radar? Let me know in the comments!