December 2015 – A Little Leopard
December 2015 – A Little Leopard

December 2015 – A Little Leopard

Overwhelmed, underwhelmed, however you feel about it, New Year’s Eve is tomorrow. (And I don’t think you can just be whelmed about it, unless of course you are in Europe.) So wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, you’re going to need a few things to get through the night and ring in 2016:

ONE: Something to wear.

Chill night in with friends? Go jeans and a cool top. Hitting the bars or a house party? Do something unexpected, like leather pants and faux fur or a jumpsuit. Either option will help you look extra amaze in a sea of glittery, body con dresses. Personally, I will be rocking a velvet crop top/pencil skirt matching set. And if I can get over my figure skating flashbacks to embrace the velvet trend, so can you. (Buying it on sale helps, too, of course.)

TWO: Something to drink.

Champagne is the clear choice here, but you may want to switch it up throughout the evening. If you’re out and about, decide on a go-to – preferably something simple because any bartender you encounter will probably be a bit busy.

THREE: Something to make your face and hair pretty.

New Year’s Eve is a time to set the tone for who we want to be in the coming year. Do you want to be a red lip girl? Someone who wears fake lashes? Now is a great time to test it out.

FOUR: Something to carry your phone, keys, wallet + the aforementioned stuff to make you pretty.

Grab extra cash, too, because the Uber/cab situation is quite likely to turn into a nightmare and who wants to ring in 2016 that way? Depending on how big your bag is and what your outfit situation is, you may also want to stash some bobby pins, band aids, advil (definitely advil, even if it’s two pills floating around your clutch), gum, concealer and lipstick in there. Maybe also sunglasses, just in case. You know. If they fit.

FIVE: A ride or die bestie to ring in the coming year.

Because of course.

So tell me – any big NYE plans? Will you need a survival kit for the night?

The holiday dust is settling which means – hey, crap, maybe we should all get organized for 2016? If you’re anything like me, you blew your entire holiday budget and any Christmas money on gifts and/or a New Years Eve outfit – thanks, major Aritzia sale.

So here are some free printable 2016 calendars that will get you organized, look pretty on your desk and won’t break the bank. Because they are all the glorious price of zero dollars.

by Chantel Emma

by Cocorrina

by Delineate Your Dwelling

by Eva Design Studio

by Lemon Thistle

by Miranti Kayess { this one is undated, but hurry – it’s only available as a free download until December 31!)

by My Scandinavian Home

by Small Paper Things

I’m using Miranti Kayess’ calendar, but also really love Cocorrina’s and My Scandinavian Home’s designs – which calendar will you download?

All images (c) the designers

The gifts are wrapped, the tree is trimmed, and I hope you are spending today with loved ones and cheer.

It’s hard for me to believe, but A Little Leopard has been in existence for nearly a year now. It’s been a pretty fun ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.

I’ll continue next week with regularly scheduled posts (including a roundup of free 2016 calendars to get yourself organized!) but in the meantime, cue up some festive tunes and enjoy the holiday!

images: boxwood clippings, onekindesign

Tis the season of giving – which is honestly one of my favorite things to do. But there is also a great, completely selfish flip side to this joyous, generous time of year…

It’s the season of receiving, too! So here are a couple things I am hoping to find under the tree this week. Or if not, I’m hoping they go on like major post-Christmas sale next month so I can have a treat yourself shopping spree. What, isn’t that how everyone does it?

First row…

A chic new scenta pretty opal ring {my birthstone!} – a keychain that asks the important questions – a disco ball because why not


Fancy candles from Diptyque and Le Labo – you know, one of those luxuries you never actually buy yourself, but love when other people get them for you

Bottom row…

The closest I may ever get to Soho House membership {full disclosure: I bought this for myself during Anthro’s 20% off event. Happy Christmas to me!} – Apple TV, because I cut my cable because suck it, Comcast – Coffee is better in a French press, especially those of the copper variety

Um, Christmas is this week. When did that happen??

I’ve actually crossed everyone off my gift list pretty early this year (#overachiever), but I’m having trouble getting in the holiday spirit. I’m blaming the wacky weather. It literally doesn’t feel like Christmas.

But you know what helps spread Christmas cheer? Singing loud for all to hear…and alcohol. Or hot chocolate. Or some hot chocolate with Bailey’s in it. So cue up the Spotify playlist below, which features nearly seven hours of both classic and alt/indie/modern Christmas jams for your listening pleasure. Then, fix yourself one of the festive drinks I found on Pinterest.

Get it? Making spirits bright?

Ok, I’m done. May your days – and nights – be merry + bright!

What to listen to

What to drink

The classicist: Peppermint hot chocolate a la Martha

It’s a Martha Stewart recipe you can actually accomplish! Pop over to My Domaine for directions. Toss in some schnapps for an adult version.

For the bourbon girl: Santa’s little helper

Soaking the ingredients in bourbon overnight sound like too much of a hassle? Apparently you can just mix it all into Fireball for a quick (and more dangerous) version. Aunt Peaches has the full directions.

For the girl who can’t let “Sex and the City” go: Winter White Cosmo

Not only does this drink from The Clever Carrot sound super tasty, it’s also pretty darn easy to make.

For the fancypants: St. Germain Spritzers

St. Germain is my favorite liquor of all time, ever, especially when paired with champagne or sparkling wine. Can’t wait to try this festive concoction featuring both of those things from Minimalist Baker.

Images: A Beautiful Mess, My Domaine, Aunt Peaches, The Clever Carrot and Minimalist Baker