January 2016 – A Little Leopard
January 2016 – A Little Leopard

January 2016 – A Little Leopard

Source: Target

February is traditionally my least favorite month of the year. Somehow, despite being the shortest month, it drags on and on, cold days and long nights.

Luckily, there are two bright spots to look forward to this February. And yes, both are excuses to shop.

Source: Target

First up is the Who What Wear Target collaboration, announced last fall. The collection officially debuts on Jan. 31 (so soon!) and will be a monthly rotating capsule of elevated basics and street style-inspired pieces. In fact, the lookbook features street style stars Lily Kwong, Zanita Whittington and Gala Gonzalez. The best part? Every single piece is under $50.

I’m really hoping that because this is a monthly collection, it won’t sell out in a hot second like other designer collaborations. There are so many great pieces, but I’m particularly eyeing the classic black moto jacket – something my closet has needed for awhile now!

Source: Target

Seriously though, so. many. good. pieces. I also super hope the shoes are available to buy because those lace up flats? Uh, yes please. Shop the collection here, starting Jan. 31!

Source: Uniqlo

Then on February 11, Carine Roitfeld will debut her second Uniqlo collection. She’s one of two French fashion icons who have partnered with Uniqlo in recent years. If you tend toward the preppy, check out Ines de la Fressange’s collection (author of Parisian Chic), which is available to buy now.

Like Carine’s own work and style, her Uniqlo collection is a bit edgier, featuring a mix of textures like leather and lace in a muted color palette of black and olive – a.k.a. my dream closet. (Black is the best color and anyone who says otherwise should probably not be trusted.)

Source: Uniqlo

What’s interesting about the Ines and Carine collections is that neither woman actually designed the pieces, and that’s sort of precisely why they work so well.

“I would design clothing for them, and they would provide feedback to me about the clothing that I proposed,” Uniqlo design director Naoki Takizawa told Elle. “If Uniqlo can create clothing that Ines or Carine would be willing to wear, then that would be very genuine and authentic clothing, wouldn’t it?”

Shop Carine’s second Uniqlo collection here beginning Feb. 11. It will also be available in the Michigan Avenue store, on the sixth floor by the Starbucks, which is one of my favorite weekday work-break hiding spots. But that’s beside the point.

Are you excited for these upcoming collections? Any pieces you’ve got your eye on?

According to my horoscope, January is a big month of nesting and home-tidying and decorating. Granted, those are pretty much always high on my agenda, but it seemed like a good excuse to do a design and decor themed Wednesday Wishlist.

I’ve been all about The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo this month, and recently snagged both books and some super pretty new grey sheets from Target. Seriously, though, tidying up really is life changing and magical. All I’ve done so far is clothes, but I swear my closet actually smelled better when I was finished. I got rid of five bags of stuff. Count ’em – five! In fact, I’m selling two bags’ worth of stuff, including some really nice J.Crew pieces that will be uploaded to my closet soon. Shop it here!

In the meantime, here are a few pieces that currently spark joy for me that I’d absolutely love to toss into my cart and bring home next:

Drink More Coffee / The Kinfolk Home The Private Lives of the Sun Signs

Totes on the Same Page Pencils Olympus PEN Camera UO x Audio-Technica Turntable

Vintage-style Rug Black Mid-Century Modern Mini Desk

Gallery wall burnout is a real thing. While it’s not one I’ve personally experienced (exhibits A and B), but I can totally understand why people would be over the trend and looking for a gallery wall alternative.

Two gallery wall alternatives in particular have caught my eye on Pinterest lately: the oversize statement piece and wallpaper. Yeah, yeah, wallpaper can totally conjure up images of Golden Girls and grandparents. Or it can be an incredibly chic way to add real drama to a room.

Image: Domino

Image: Lonny

Wallpaper too much for you? Try just one or two oversized pieces of art in lieu of a gallery wall. Buying art this size can be a bit of an investment, but it’s also pretty easy to go the DIY route to create abstract or typographic pieces.

Image: Apartment Therapy

The above “You are my bucket list” piece could be pretty easily recreated with blank canvas and the phrase of your choice.

Image: Bliss at Home

Image: My Domaine

Image: SF Girl by Bay

That last piece is my favorite of the bunch, by UK-based artist Harland Miller.

I’m curious: are you still into gallery walls, or ready to move on to other forms of wall art? Let me know in the comments!

Image: i-D

You know, Grace Coddington has quite a lot in common with David Bowie. Two creative souls from Britain who, at some point in their lives, sported (non-natural) fiery red hair, palled around with designers and artists and truly celebrated fashion as art. Both visionaries in their own way, both shaping culture and music and art and taste. Different, of course, as well – Bowie’s career was built on the spotlight while Grace was adamantly opposed to it. She famously did not want to be featured in the famous Vogue documentary The September Issue. Yet that film made her a surprise breakout star, an accidental celebrity…and is very much worth a watch if you’ve never seen it.

This week, Grace Coddington announced she is stepping down as creative director of American Vogue. It feels strange to call her Grace, far too informal, but “Coddington” is too cold, so full name it is. She is not, by any means, retiring, but pursuing collaborations and projects that her Vogue title previously prevented, like a Commes des Garcon perfume I am undoubtedly going to want no matter what it smells like. (According to Vogue, it will be rose-scented, which is one of my absolute favorite scents.) Still, the news of her departure has thrust Grace Coddington back into the spotlight, and reminded me what a talent and inspiration and force of a woman she is. One of the original girl bosses, if you will.

Image: Interview

Grace Coddington celebrates the fantasy of fashion; she makes me believe I am the sort of person who can wake up in the morning and combine a velvet pencil skirt, sweatshirt and cage heels when in reality, I know I can’t even walk in the heels and will probably default to something involving denim and flats. Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times put it wonderfully when she said:

It was the tension between her love of fashion as an art, and Ms. Wintour’s practicality and interest in its functionality, both as a business and in her readers’ lives, that was a large part of making Vogue, and the movie about it, so compelling.

Ms. Wintour being Anna, of course. The movie is a fascinating look at their relationship, their dynamic, which has so definitively shaped Vogue for more than 25 years now (the pair both started at the magazine in 1988).

Read the original, exclusive Business of Fashion article on her departure here, as well as their profile of her career. And for a wonderful glimpse into Grace Coddington’s life and personality, start with this New York Times interview and this piece from The Guardian – though Grace: A Memoir and Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue are perfect if you prefer to go straight to the source. (Thankfully the latter has been reprinted by the publisher; before last year it was going for well over four figures on eBay!)

Grace Coddington may be departing Vogue as its official creative director, but she’s certainly not retiring – and I cannot wait to see how she’ll continue to influence and inspire fashion and the world beyond.

Image: Interview

Hi there! Posting on Tuesday instead of Monday this week due to the MLK holiday — and being a bit tired after a fab Blackhawks game with my dad on Sunday. 🙂

I actually had a different post planned for today, but knew it could wait after I stumbled across Jae and Devin’s Brooklyn brownstone on Apartment Therapy. Oh my gosh, you guys, this space is literally my definition of dream home. It’s just photo after photo of interior eye candy. And at first thought it was a totally aspirational, “maybe one day” kind of interior crush, but there are ideas here that can be applied to smaller spaces and budgets. Like that Overstock.com rug. Which I want.

That would be the Overstock.com rug in question. I’m pretty sure it’s this one – which tops out at $773.50 for a 9×12′, aka a downright steal for a Moroccan-style rug. That hanging ladder with throw blankets is just begging to be DIY-ed, too.

I am also loving the banana leaf palm in the living room. I’m into fiddle leaf figs as much as the next girl, but it’s nice to see a change of (plant) pace every once in awhile! As we’ve seen in other interior crushes, a mix of greenery and textures really do make all the difference in the world.

The house has an abundance of charm and character thanks to dramatic ceiling heights, doorways and moldings, but if you’re feeling ambitious, many of those elements can be replicated – to an extent – with a good old DIY project.

I am absolutely dying over the Fornasetti plates, fireplace and disco-chic chandelier. But again, there are totally attainable elements in the kitchen, like the dark accent wall and Urban Outfitters stools.

The master bedroom is the stuff of “All White Everything” dreams – I’m super into the Moroccan Wedding blanket/sheepskin combination happening on the stool at the end of the bed. I’ve got a chair with a sheepskin on it in my own apartment at the moment, maybe all it needs is a Moroccan Wedding style pillow to complete the look (also love this Anthro option).

Also very much a fan of the simple coffee table styling. Apparently the box is from a shop in Chicago, but Jae did not say which one unfortunately! In the meantime, CB2 just released a similar, larger suitcase style piece.

Jae’s dressing closet might be my favorite spot in the entire apartment – girl could give Jenna Lyons a run for her money. (One of these days I’ll have to do an “interior crush” of Jenna Lyons’ space…)

Okay, yes, we can’t all have Celine and Lanvin boxes decking out the top of our closets. But arranging by color and creating a system out of what looks like IKEA Billy bookshelves? Much more doable.

The brownstone is actually divided into three apartments – a garden apartment, Jae and Devin’s apartment on the first and second floors, and a third-floor space available for rent via Airbnb.

Again – the power of plants! Love the simple, neutral styling in the third-floor space.

Jae is an interior designer, and I absolutely love her biggest advice for those decorating their own spaces. It’s something I myself often need reminding of:

Be super patient, especially if you’re not working with a designer! Decorate and rearrange continuously, but do it little by little. I’m the most impatient person in the world, but that really is my best advice…Took numerous trials and errors to get here, and I AM an interior designer! It definitely is such an exciting and fun process but take your time with it…I swear, it works better that way, and the space will feel so much more special to you.

Shop pieces from and inspired by Jae and Devin’s dreamy Brooklyn brownstone below:

All images: Apartment Therapy