Small Space on a Budget: Nate Berkus for Target – A Little Leopard
Small Space on a Budget: Nate Berkus for Target – A Little Leopard

Small Space on a Budget: Nate Berkus for Target – A Little Leopard

Welcome to Small Space on a Budget, an occasional series focused on making your space as cute as possible without gobs of disposable income. 


Google “small space living” and you get approximately a gajillion results (okay, closer to 131 million – which is still a lot). Googling “small space budget,” on the other hand, gets you just under half a gajillion, with only 51 million results.

Moral of the story? Small space living tips often leave out the budget conversation, when many of us are living minimal square footage precisely to save money. Then, even the sites that do feature budget home decor seem to, well, stretch the budget sometimes. Something that may fall under the “budget” category for a regular Restoration Hardware shopper is more of a splurge store for someone like me.

It’s frustrating, to put it mildly. Look, full disclosure, I did what most recent grads on an entry level salary do: scrounged furniture from family, used what I had and bought the rest at places like IKEA and Target. There are still major pieces I need to purchase, too (ahem, dining room table and chairs…as glam as my card table situation is).

Here’s the great thing, though. Places like IKEA and Target can look super chic and expensive – if you know which pieces to get and how to style them. Buying your bigger and more expensive pieces in neutral colors is a great foundation, and basically creates a blank canvas to decorate with smaller, more affordable pieces that suit your style.

One fabulous source for said smaller, (legitimately) affordable pieces is Nate Berkus for Target. Dude knows how to make high-end design affordable and accessible, season after season. His latest collection was inspired by the California coastline and Pacific Coast Highway. If you’ve got the cash (and storage space) to swap out accessories like throw pillows seasonally, the current collection is perfect for spring and summer. If not, Nate’s designs work all year round, too – that’s the beauty of his collections.

I’m excited to see what his fall collection will bring, but in the meantime, shop early 2015 favorites from Nate Berkus for Target below: