Links Loved: 03.19.2016 – A Little Leopard
Links Loved: 03.19.2016 – A Little Leopard

Links Loved: 03.19.2016 – A Little Leopard

Image: The Coveteur

I have a love/hate relationship with daylight savings. I hate losing an hour, but I love love love that the sun is out longer and spring is in the air. This year, I remedied the whole lost-hour thing by taking Monday off. DIY three day weekends are the best and I highly recommend them.

Plus, of course, there is the sense of optimism that comes with spring renewal. You can feel summer — and all its glorious possibilities — right around the corner. I’m almost ready to put away my puffer coat, too! But this is Chicago, guys. It could snow in May. You never know.

Here’s a few things that have caught my eye this week:

Wit & Delight made a playlist to put some spring in your step (puns!). Here’s my own spring playlist, too!

Voting is sexy, and speaking of politics, Hillary Clinton on Broad City is everything I never knew I needed.

Lots of people are declaring that blogs will die soon (probably the same people who say skinny jeans are dead). Here’s a great counterpoint: three reasons you shouldn’t ditch the blog.

Flatlays are some of my highest-performing Instagrams: here’s how to do a great one.

Seriously in love with this neutral Los Angeles home tour.

Eyeing some sweet new kicks for spring.