Studio Living – A Little Leopard
Studio Living – A Little Leopard

Studio Living – A Little Leopard

I love decor blogs – Domaine is one of my daily reads and I’m always thrilled when The Everygirl posts a new home tour. Having just moved into my first big-girl apartment a few months ago, I’m constantly scouring these sites for inspiration and ideas for my own place.

One thing these sites don’t show, however, is that (usually) the decorating process takes time…especially if you do what I did and move out on your own pretty much right away. I’ve got enough right now for a comfortable, livable space, but it is by no means finished. I do most of my blogging at a card table stolen from my dad’s attic, which featured exactly one chair. I have no couch. My bedside table consists of some stackable plastic Umbra drawers I used throughout college (see above photo!). As much as I would have liked to, I wasn’t able to move in and create a fully-designed, 100% Pinterest-worthy apartment…but that’s okay!

Because buying everything at once usually ends up making a place look a little like a catalog. Sure, I’d still love to run out and buy a couch, a rug, and a table and chairs all at once, but embracing the process allows me to discover what I really love and make smart purchases that will fit my life now and (hopefully) for a few years to come, too.

So, in the meantime, I am collecting and curating inspiring studios, small spaces and apartments featuring products or motifs I’d like to incorporate into my own space as it comes together:

Oh My Dear’s Living Room

I just discovered Oh My Dear‘s gorgeous white, bright living room on Pinterest and it’s been one of my main sources of inspiration lately. Who knew a cool color palette could be so cozy and calming? Plus, it’s full of great IKEA finds, including a Karlstad couch similar to the one I plan on picking up for my own place as soon as I get my tax refund. Seeing the Karlstad in multiple decor blogs, including Young House Love, solidified my decision to purchase one – gotta love IKEA!

Tiffany Leigh’s Studio

Tiffany Leigh’s Toronto studio has been a consistent source of inspiration since I discovered her space on The Everygirl – can you believe this is student housing?? I love her color palette, mix of patterns (including, of course, pops of leopard) and the fact that we have the same IKEA bedding. It’s always interesting to see how different bloggers and designers style pieces to suit their own taste and space. You can find more details and photographs from Tiffany’s lovely apartment on her blog.

Kat Tanita’s Studio

That exposed brick wall! I love the way Kat mixes more traditional pieces, like that fabulous Shabby Chic settee, with modern ones like the lucite coffee table and chairs. A true example of stylish small-space living. This is also another instance of “hey, I have that too!”-love; in this case, it’s the PBTeen dress form. Although Kat styles hers a lot better than what I’m currently doing, which is burying the form under scarves… what? It’s winter in Chicago!

Alaina Kaczmarski’s Lincoln Park One Bedroom

Alaina Kaczmarski: co-founder of The Everygirl and master of the gallery wall. Her former Lincoln Park one bedroom is the stuff of my Chicago apartment dreams. Plus, she dropped a total truth-bomb in her interview on The Everygirl that basically sums up the point of this post:

I know it’s difficult to look at a lot of lovely, styled homes on blogs and Pinterest and think, “Why doesn’t my home look like that?” I know I regularly feel that way about larger, lovelier homes! Well, just remember that your home, income, and circumstances change a lot from when you’re 22 to 28 to 35 and older. … I will just go ahead and say my home did not look like this when I was 23. It took a lot of time, effort, DIY, selling, thrifting, saving store credit/coupons/gift cards, accruing store credit like I said, and eventually even brand partnerships (once my blog traffic picked up) to get it to where it is today.

So, where are you in the decor process? Are you a bit impatient, like me, or embracing it? And have you found any great tips or tricks to making a place feel truly yours? Let me know in the comments!

images: Oh My Dear / The Everygirl / With Love From Kat / The Everygirl