Anthropologie Beauty Favorites – A Little Leopard
Anthropologie Beauty Favorites – A Little Leopard

Anthropologie Beauty Favorites – A Little Leopard

Image: Anthropologie

I have long loved Anthropologie for their monogram mugs and generally amazing home decor section, but did you know they’re also a treasure trove of indie beauty finds? Sometimes quite literally, in the form of Chicago beauty brand Indie Lee (puns!).

But seriously, Anthropologie has an amazing selection of makeup, skincare and bath and body products, ranging from the luxurious yet affordable to downright splurge-worthy. I’m a big fan of Mario Badescu’s products, which definitely fall on the affordable side of the spectrum — his facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater might be the best $7 you ever spend. It’s not on the website, but I also scored a body wash from the brand for a mere $8.

They even stock hair tools and the vaulted Mason Pearson hairbrush. Though at $150 for a hairbrush,that definitely falls into the “splurgey splurge splurge” budget category. However, if Bobbi Brown recommends it, I’m thinking it’s probably worth it. (Any other Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty readers out there? That book taught me pretty much everything I know about beauty and makeup.)

Look, Anthropologie’s beauty section isn’t going to give Sephora a run for your money anytime soon, but that’s not what it’s trying to do. In lieu of a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, Anthropologie has a highly curated selection of products that will make you feel like you stumbled upon a great find and are totally spoiling yourself.

Speaking of spoiling yourself, here are my personal favorite Anthro beauty finds, from a cult-favorite mascara to a salt spray suitable for all hair types and everything in-between. Bonus, these all tend to fall more on the affordable side of the splurge spectrum!

Have you ever shopped Anthropologie for beauty? What are some of your favorite products? Let me know in the comments below!