Leopard Spots: Sparrow Hair – A Little Leopard
Leopard Spots: Sparrow Hair – A Little Leopard

Leopard Spots: Sparrow Hair – A Little Leopard

Welcome to “Leopard Spots,” a series where I share some of my favorite places – mostly in and around Chicago, but there’s always opportunity to feature travel-based locations, too. 

I usually like to live in a haircut for a week or so before deciding whether it’s really working and still looks good. However, after Saturday’s visit to Sparrow Hair, I am basically obsessed with the salon and its Logan Square location. Day two hair is looking pretty good, so hopefully it will pass the week test, because I’m pretty set on this being my new Chicago salon.

First of all, the vibe of the salon is this wonderful combination of chic yet laid-back. It’s in an amazing century-old building that was a barber shop at one point, among other things. There are only a few chairs, which makes sense given that four stylists work there. I saw Tracey (after reading she was a curl wizard), but if the internet reviews are to be believed, everyone is equally talented – which is to say, very. I mean, one of the co-owners does Tavi Gevinson’s hair and the entire Tweedy family’s. Yes, the Tweedys of Wilco. Things like this may or may not matter to you, but going to the same salon as a fashion wunderkind and local rockstar family is pretty cool to me.

Sparrow interior | Image

I also love that their philosophy focuses on low-maintenance cuts that still look good. I literally sat down in Tracey’s chair and said, “Well, this is my hair, and it needs help.” I knew I was in good hands when she told me that I have almost exactly the same hair as her best friend, which is the first time a stylist has ever been experienced with my thickness and texture. She also had me in and out in an hour, a first for me since I have so. much. hair. I left armed with air-drying tricks that a lazy styling-challenged person like myself can do, and if the first couple days are any indication, I think I am going to like this cut. I think I am going to like it a lot.

I asked for easy, tousled, “slightly French” – and I think it turned out pretty well.

Other perks (besides a killer Logan Sqaure location in an awesome building around the block from Lula Cafe) include a super nice receptionist, good coffee while you wait and only one stylist working on your hair. I don’t know about you, but I am generally not a fan of frou-frou places where one girl washes my hair, another conditions it, another cuts and another blow drys. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it does get to be a bit much, especially for a super-broke budget-minded girl like myself. I’d rather just deal with one stylist the whole time – that way she can really get to know my hair and what she’s dealing with.

Waiting area | image

So, overall, Sparrow Hair: 10/10, would recommend. It’s not super easy to get to from my apartment in Lincoln Park, but super worth it for the killer cuts and awesome vibe. Plus, it gives me an excuse to make a trip to one of my favorite neighborhoods.