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life Archives – A Little Leopard

It appears that since my last Insta-update, I’ve done a lot of eating out, from the new Miss Ricky’s diner in Virgin Hotels Chicago to my first Sprinkles ATM visit of the year. That, or I’m taking more food pictures generally. Here’s a peek at a few other things I’ve been up to this month, according to my Instagram:

You know what they say: April showers bring May flowers. I’ve been wanting Hunter boots for a very long time, and scored these beauties for a pretty good price at Akira – so now I almost sort of want it to rain so I can wear them more often! I’ve also been wearing these little Target flats frequently; can’t find them on the site right now but an equally cute Sam & Libby pair is available instead! Seriously, Target’s shoe game is on point right now. It’s a little ridiculous.

Hey look, it’s the Target shoes in action! I got my hair cut at a new salon this month (which reminds me, I need to schedule my next appointment) and loved everything from the location to the decor to, yes, the coffee. Oh, and my hair, too, I guess. Read more about it here!

Sometimes my friend Nicky convinces me to exercise. This is the photo proof.

My friend Stephanie recently moved to Wicker Park, giving me an excuse to get out that way more. I’m a little bit obsessed with Wicker Park/Bucktown, and it’s tied with Logan Square for my favorite Chicago neighborhood. We tried the super-new Scone City, which serves proper English-style scones (none of that dry American crap) in amazing flavors like brie, thyme and honey. They serve a mean iced redeye, too.

Finally, I’ve been re-reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl and it’s easily one of my favorite books. I know Lena can be a pretty divisive/controversial figure but I’m not really clear on why. I’m a fan. I find her work incredibly relatable. I may not have been raised by artists in Soho, but I totally get her POV. Her essays inspire me to go out there and make something…I just have to be brave enough to write it down.

Also, I styled this shot up with some macarons (#guiltypleasure), and Instagram seemed to really like that.

Happy Friday, everyone!