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decor Archives – Page 3 of 8 – A Little Leopard

decor Archives – Page 3 of 8 – A Little Leopard

Hi there! Posting on Tuesday instead of Monday this week due to the MLK holiday — and being a bit tired after a fab Blackhawks game with my dad on Sunday.

I actually had a different post planned for today, but knew it could wait after I stumbled across Jae and Devin’s Brooklyn brownstone on Apartment Therapy. Oh my gosh, you guys, this space is literally my definition of dream home. It’s just photo after photo of interior eye candy. And at first thought it was a totally aspirational, “maybe one day” kind of interior crush, but there are ideas here that can be applied to smaller spaces and budgets. Like that rug. Which I want.

That would be the rug in question. I’m pretty sure it’s this one – which tops out at $773.50 for a 9×12′, aka a downright steal for a Moroccan-style rug. That hanging ladder with throw blankets is just begging to be DIY-ed, too.

I am also loving the banana leaf palm in the living room. I’m into fiddle leaf figs as much as the next girl, but it’s nice to see a change of (plant) pace every once in awhile! As we’ve seen in other interior crushes, a mix of greenery and textures really do make all the difference in the world.

The house has an abundance of charm and character thanks to dramatic ceiling heights, doorways and moldings, but if you’re feeling ambitious, many of those elements can be replicated – to an extent – with a good old DIY project.

I am absolutely dying over the Fornasetti plates, fireplace and disco-chic chandelier. But again, there are totally attainable elements in the kitchen, like the dark accent wall and Urban Outfitters stools.

The master bedroom is the stuff of “All White Everything” dreams – I’m super into the Moroccan Wedding blanket/sheepskin combination happening on the stool at the end of the bed. I’ve got a chair with a sheepskin on it in my own apartment at the moment, maybe all it needs is a Moroccan Wedding style pillow to complete the look (also love this Anthro option).

Also very much a fan of the simple coffee table styling. Apparently the box is from a shop in Chicago, but Jae did not say which one unfortunately! In the meantime, CB2 just released a similar, larger suitcase style piece.

Jae’s dressing closet might be my favorite spot in the entire apartment – girl could give Jenna Lyons a run for her money. (One of these days I’ll have to do an “interior crush” of Jenna Lyons’ space…)

Okay, yes, we can’t all have Celine and Lanvin boxes decking out the top of our closets. But arranging by color and creating a system out of what looks like IKEA Billy bookshelves? Much more doable.

The brownstone is actually divided into three apartments – a garden apartment, Jae and Devin’s apartment on the first and second floors, and a third-floor space available for rent via Airbnb.

Again – the power of plants! Love the simple, neutral styling in the third-floor space.

Jae is an interior designer, and I absolutely love her biggest advice for those decorating their own spaces. It’s something I myself often need reminding of:

Be super patient, especially if you’re not working with a designer! Decorate and rearrange continuously, but do it little by little. I’m the most impatient person in the world, but that really is my best advice…Took numerous trials and errors to get here, and I AM an interior designer! It definitely is such an exciting and fun process but take your time with it…I swear, it works better that way, and the space will feel so much more special to you.

Shop pieces from and inspired by Jae and Devin’s dreamy Brooklyn brownstone below:

All images: Apartment Therapy

Image: We Heart It

The peacock chair will make a statement no matter where in the house you put it. With roots distinctly in the 60s (famous fans include Morticia Addams, as seen above, and Brigitte Bardot), it’s definitely a piece that commands attention. Why do you think they named it a “peacock chair”?

But it’s also surprisingly versatile, and just as at home in a haunted house as it is with a boho bombshell. And despite the peacock chair’s 60s and 70s vibe, it actually got its start centuries ago, originating in East Asia and making its way to homes in Europe and America in the 19th century.

The peacock chair has gone in and out of favor throughout the decades, but has been experiencing a resurgence in the past couple of years. Yes, it’s a showstopper, but you don’t need to favor gothic or hippie chic vibes for one to work in your space. Corner need a little extra something? Consider a peacock chair. Here are five different ways to style one:

Image: Urban Outfitters

Combine mid-century modern pieces, different textures and lots of plants for a modern-bohemian vibe.

Image: The Decorista

Muted colors help this bohemian piece feel more modern and sophisticated. The stylish selection of coffee table books doesn’t hurt, either.

Image: One Kings Lane

Into Scandinavian design? Muted cool-tone neutrals and natural textures like wood and jute make a peacock chair work with this trend.

Image: My Domaine

Play to the chair’s bohemian past with colorful accents like Moroccan side tables and brightly patterned throw blankets.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Finally, you could let the chair shine on its own and dictate the vibe of the room, adding only simple, natural accessories like sheepskins and animal skulls. And cute cats, those always help too.

Shop peacock chairs below (they’re not cheap, so this may be a piece worth scouring Craigslist and flea markets for!):

What do you think of the peacock chair trend? Would you ever try one in your space?

I was poking around Foursided (one of my favorite shops in Chicago) when I saw it. Propped up innocently against a stack of other prints, a gorgeous foil-pressed map of Chicago in delicate, modern black and white patterns. It was love at first site.

Then I found out that the print was by the same girl who does the Roam candles. They all smell like different cities! It’s great! Although saying Chicago smells like “cucumber, basil, moss and wet stone” seems pretty generous – but no one wants “dirty river water and urine” in a candle. The Chicago scent is kind of perfect for a kitchen, actually.

West Elm sells the New York, Charleston and San Francisco variants online, but it looks like you have to either shop in-person or go to 42 Pressed’s online shop to get the Chicago version. If you’re in the area, I’ve seen it at Foursided (along with that gorgeous, amazing print) and Anthropologie.

Speaking of that print… I need it in my life. It would look so perfect above my couch. Fancy yourself more international? The shop just launched Paris and London prints in the collection, as well. Shop them all here.

Images: 42 Pressed, Formatical 

Exploring Lo Bosworth’s Apartment and Bohemian-Modern Style

Confession: I have never seen a single episode of either Laguna Beach or The Hills. Sure, I know who Lauren Conrad is, but the rest of the cast? I pretty much know them as that person who is famous for being on Laguna Beach and/or The Hills.

Oh – and that Lo Bosworth has a pretty great lifestyle website/blog and killer apartment to match. She enlisted interior design service Homepolish to decorate the place, and it turned out, well, crush-worthy.

Sure, her apartment has amazing bones (exposed brick walls, anyone?), but there are still plenty of tips and tricks to steal here. Even though she’s a celebrity living in New York City, it’s a fairly small space and layout. First of all, that makes me absolutely terrified of the New York real estate market. But it also means that Lo’s apartment is full of inspiration for small space dwellers. For example, lucite furniture like the coffee table helps open up the space. Plus, she stashed super-chic furry stools underneath, adding interest with texture and extra seating.

The apartment squeezes in plenty of storage and uses almost every available space, like the top of the armoire – and somehow does so without seeming overly cluttered.

Another trick Lo’s apartment uses is removing the dust jackets of books for a more unified look. It’s sort of similar to the shelving books backwards trick, but with the benefit of still being able to see the titles. This is actually something I’ve done in my own space when book jackets are either too busy or too beat up for display!

(Can we also talk about the trio of Diptyque candles she has on display here? That’s like $180 worth of candles and I would like to have the same thing in my apartment, please.)

I think, however, my favorite space in the apartment might be the bedroom, which masterfully mixes bohemian and glam elements to create a cozy retreat. It’s not a big room, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in style.

Though the bedding sticks to a neutral black-and-white color palette, the mix of textures helps make it warm and inviting. The bedroom also uses plenty of mirrors and lucite furniture (again!) to help the space seem larger.

For the full tour (including kitchen, dining room and before + after videos), head to Lo’s blog, The Lo Down. Some Lo-inspired items are still available on Joss & Main, as well, if you’d like to get the look. You can sign up for Joss & Main here if you haven’t already, and the Lo Bosworth event is here! (The first link is my affiliate link, so I will get credit if you sign up using it. )

What do you think of Lo’s apartment?

Images: The Lo Down, Joss & Main

The holiday dust is settling which means – hey, crap, maybe we should all get organized for 2016? If you’re anything like me, you blew your entire holiday budget and any Christmas money on gifts and/or a New Years Eve outfit – thanks, major Aritzia sale.

So here are some free printable 2016 calendars that will get you organized, look pretty on your desk and won’t break the bank. Because they are all the glorious price of zero dollars.

by Chantel Emma

by Cocorrina

by Delineate Your Dwelling

by Eva Design Studio

by Lemon Thistle

by Miranti Kayess { this one is undated, but hurry – it’s only available as a free download until December 31!)

by My Scandinavian Home

by Small Paper Things

I’m using Miranti Kayess’ calendar, but also really love Cocorrina’s and My Scandinavian Home’s designs – which calendar will you download?

All images (c) the designers