Hello, Weekend! – A Little Leopard
Hello, Weekend! – A Little Leopard

Hello, Weekend! – A Little Leopard

Image: Pinterest (let me know if you know the appropriate source!)

I was a busy bee this week: caught Crazy About Tiffany’s at the Gene Siskel Film Center, got a haircut in a blizzard and saw Van Gogh’s Bedrooms at the Art Institute of Chicago. Now, I am fully ready to curl up, catch up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (guilty pleasure okay), do a little furniture shopping with my mom (yay trips to the suburbs for IKEA!) and of course, watch the Oscars. And that’s it, that’s the plan, stan.

  • Speaking of Stan, as I was getting dressed this morning I thought, “This outfit would look amazing with Stan Smiths, I should get a pair.” And then my friend Stephanie showed me this pair, and I want them. Real talk: Are Stan Smiths still cool? Did we reach peak Stan Smith in 2015? Let me know what you think in the comments!
  • Okay, okay, I know I said I’m furniture shopping this weekend, but I’m seriously obsessed with My Topshop Wardrobe. I’m a sucker for personality-based quizzes, games and recommendations, and I really think my closet would be much happier with some new Topshop items in it (so yes, they spark joy.)
  • Speaking of personality-based recommendations, apparently you can match lipsticks to Myers Briggs personality types. I guess I’m a bold red girl who should wear a lipstick that is “long-lasting, super pigmented, and can’t dry out her lips while she’s quickly and forcefully implementing her plan.”
  • I was intrigued by this list of decor trends that are in and out for this year, but balked at the first mention — sorry, not ready to let my rose gold, coppers and bronzes go just yet!
  • Predicting who will win at the Oscars is fun… predicting who will wear what on the red carpet? Possibly even better. Rachel Zoe has some too, which you can watch right here:
  • I’m being slightly dramatic about the whole haircut in a blizzard thing, but not at all dramatic about the fact that I recently discovered I can actually use dry shampoo and found the best. ever. I have very thick, dry, coarse hair, so I always thought dry shampoo wouldn’t work with my texture… well Kevin Murphy proved me wrong. I use this stuff as a to refresh between washes and add texture when I style it, and it smells amazing. Like so, so good.
  • Finally, in between reality TV, red carpet dresses and IKEA, I’m going to try some of these tips to live a more creative life.